11 is a Charm
11 is a Charm
11 is a Charm

11 is a Charm

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I met up with an old friend of mine from high school at my ten year highschool Reunion.  Her name is Kat, short for Katherine of course, but nobody has ever called her that.  In fact, in highschool she was called Kat the Rat.  I never made fun of her, because I don't believe in those kinds of things.  I'm just telling you the the truth.  
I talked to Kat quite a bit that night, as she told me about what she was doing with her life.  Before I really knew what was happening the night had come to an end and we were the only two left.  Our reunion was held at a local venue by a small creek.  Needless to say, there was plenty of woods around.  Kat and I thought we'd go for a walk-- and no it isn't what you are thinking.  
As we walked on, she said that she had something to show me.  I had told her about how I was into paranormal investigation and the types of things we do here at HC.  She holds out her hands and on her wrist she has this bracelet.  It's a charm bracelet.  I was puzzled at first, but then she told me to take her hand, so I did.  Next thing you know I'm surging high above the trees, albeit a bit scared because I am terrified of heights.  Yes, I am an acrophobia!!
Anyway, she told me to look around that I was okay where I was, as long as I didn't let go of her hand.  She told me not to worry because not only were we levitating, but we had become invisible.  So, there we just kind of levitated there for a few minutes and I could literally see the whole of where our reunion had been and the lights from the towns and cities around us.  She confessed that she had always been a witch, even during highschool, and that she made little pieces like this that gave her basically any power that she wanted put in it.  The bracelet that she had on had given her the powers of levitation and invisibility, as well as a couple of others.  
When we descended back down to Earth, Kat held out her hand and handed me another bracelet.  It was not identical to hers, but it was similar in that it was a charm bracelet.  I looked at her and asked her what I was supposed to do with it.  She looked at me, laughing, telling me that I was smart boy, she was sure that I'd figure it out.  At that she was gone-- just vanished into thin air.  The thing is that I have not seen Kat since that day.  I don't know if I ever will.  I know I was not imagining her, because other people had seen her, too.  They had spoken to her.  Afterall, I still had the piece that she had handed me.  
It took me awhile to get around to testing this piece, but I finally have. It turns out that each of the charms in the bracelet represent a separate power.  I have spent a long time testing this piece to make sure I got all the powers in this piece right.  Deedee helped me with it, and we have finally determined all the powers that have been placed into this piece by Kat a.k.a. Kat the Rat.  
-The crown with the hearts and keys hanging down over it allow you to find true love.  Symbolically, this power will help you lock your heart away, because it gives you the clairvoyant power to be able to read people and their intentions.  For instance, if somebody tells you that they are in love with you, you will be give the psychic wherewithal to know if they are being genuine or just taking you for a ride.  
-The clear bulb that has what looks like little white stones in it actually carry white light angel eggs.  Each of these eggs gives you the ability birth an angel.  Each angel will carry one power and the power they carry is up to you.  
-The round silver charm is a metaphysical window.  The circle within the window, with it's cross bars, was a one point in time a spirit named B.L.  I honestly don't know who B.L. is, but it doesn't matter.  It is only there to symbolically represent that with this power you can summon any spirit you choose to call.  The window creates a portal that will search and pull them through on your behalf.  It doesn't matter what soul or spirit you are attempting to cal, they will be summoned using the power in this piece.  
-The cupid charm is pretty self explanatory.  He will cast love spells!  You will use this piece to cast a love spell upon any target of your desire.  They will suddenly become enamored with, wanting nothing but you alone.   Not like heavy, stalker kind of love, but sincere kind of love.  They just needed a boost, anyhow.  
-The Unicorn guarantees you two things.  First it guarantees you healing ability, both spiritual and physical.  This piece is the real deal.  I have actually used this piece one time when my little brother came home from the hospital with a fractured wrist.  I used this piece and he was healed within a few minutes.  The doctors had no explanation, but I did.
-The Eggs in the basket charm is to remind you that with this piece it doesn't matter if you have all of your eggs in one basket or not-- because this piece brings extreme luck in all things.  This is because this piece grants Irish luck powers that will overcome the most objectionable goals.  Whatever you want out of life, this piece will clear the path for you, giving you extremely good luck, and see your way through it with the cosmos.    
-The liberty bell is the symbol of freedom and the independence of the United States.  In 1976 the United States celebrated 200 years of financial independence from Great Britain. As such, this charm brings you 200 years of financially independence, but I doubt you'll live that long.  That means this piece makes you set for life.  It does this by bringing wealth power into your life that will bring you money from all different areas of your life.  It will literally shower you with wealth and prosperity, sometimes in the most peculiar of ways a the most unexpected times.    
-The '83 CMS is a witch guide.  The charm was hers during her life and she has since went through metamorphose to be transformed into something even more powerful, called an Ageless One. Ageless Ones are immortal witches.  This is who you get when you use this charm.  She will show herself to you and bring you an requiem of spells to use for various spells and healings.  
-The clear ball is the Universal Globe. It is a scrying ball that allows you to look through the ball and see into other worlds, see the inhabitants, and see the way they live.  You will also be able to conjure the powers that you encounter there and bring them back with you.  
-The red stone is pretty simple.  This holds an Ifrit Red Fire Djinn.  This djinn is capable of granting you seven wishes, after which it will become a protection spirits.  With this stone, the djinn will show up to you, within the first couple of days of you are using this piece.  You can then ask for your seven wishes.  You don't have to use them right away, but you can.  You could save them for years if you want to make sure you have them when you need them.  
-The penguin is shape-shifting.  I don't know why she chose a penguin.  Maybe it was because it is the only animal charm she had at the time .  I couldn't tell you.  It could just be classic Kat humor.  Don't think too much into it.  The piece grants shape-shifting-- a common witchcraft favorite.  This will allow you to shape-shift into any living creature in your personal bank of knowledge.
-The Amber stone cleanses the minds and eases the nerves.  It brings spiritual healing, will align your chakras and bring full psychic powers as well as opening of the third-eye.