Exodus of Souls
Exodus of Souls

Exodus of Souls

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One of the strangest phenomena from around the world is that of moving coffins.  Whether it be from the Egyptian Pyramids, Highgate Cemetery, Or even Saint Louis Cemetery in Louisiana, there have been reports of coffins inside sealed crypts having been moved about.
There have been those that have "debunked" the phenomena as happening during earthquakes or other earth movements, but we have found out otherwise.  We have gone on several investigations including to Saint Louis cemetery and several other lesser known cemeteries to see whether this really is the earth moving the coffins or whether there is something going else going on.  
Of course, there was something else going on.  Had there not bee, I wouldn't even be writing about the moving coffins right now.  These coffins are the coffins that have been int erupted during the process of the soul leaving the body.  Every person has a soul, obviously, which needs to leave the body after death of the mortal vessel.  It weights 23 grams or something like that.  I forget the exact measurement, but it needs to leave.  
With some body's this soul exodus is more vigorous than others.  This happens in the case of premature death or simply in those who were not ready to leave the mortal world behind.  They don't understand what is happening and so their rapture is a little more energetic than most.  Thus, coffins are ajar or otherwise disturbed.  
During out investigation we were able to collect enough soul energy from these moved coffins to develop this piece.  The piece lets you summon any soul.  This can be a soul that has passed on to the other side.  It can be a soul in any resting spot-- Heaven or Hell or otherwise, a wandering soul, a soul in Limbo, a restless soul, a soul of a vampire or werewolf.  It doesn't matter, it will summon any kind of soul for their presence.  
This is a great opportunity to summon a deceased loved on, or conjure up old souls to find out secrets of lost treasures of hidden secrets.  You can use this piece to call up souls with powers so that way they can bestow these powers upon you.  This piece acts as a portal called a soul exodus that will reach through the soul realms, find the soul you are trying to locate and pull them through this piece and into your presence.