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The 12th Planet

Move over bible bangers, because we have developed a new standing theory on creationism. Okay, well I guess you don't really have to move over, because these new findings do coincide with scriptures that are found in Old Testament and a few in the New Testament. For instance let's translate the world Nephilim-- and I mean really translate it. It is not code name for some type of fallen angel sent to intermingle with humans to create God-men. Rather, it is simply an old Hebrew phrase that means “those who came down”; And came down the did.

So many years ago that I can't give you any other date other than saying it happened many and many a millenia ago, planet Earth was visited by an ancient race of celestial visitors that spawned our race. Take it or leave, but do something with it, because all of the evidence adds up. After the deciphering of over 2000 clay cylinders on the Persian Gulf, which was once ancient Babylon, we have drawn very substantial conclusions.

The buzz about the ancient works of art such as Stonehenge in England, The Sphinx, and the ruins of Tiahuanaca in Peru can finally be squashed. They are spaceports and shrines that were developed by the Anunnaki aka Niburians. And it is interesting to note that all of these separate forms of architecture exhibit similar lunar and astrological characteristics. Who are they you ask? They are the inhabitants of the 12th planet that nobody really knows about. Their remnants on our Earth signify their amounts of wondrous power, because years and years and years later these ruins still mystify and emanate powers that only the most powerful humans can ascertain.

It is these very powers that have created our race. The Anunnaki the Earth, which was then inhabited only by senseless animals. They spliced their celestial DNA and the result was an intelligent offspring that was similar in genetic makeup but that could never over power them. Their spawned this race and grew them as their own. However, due to domestic turmoil, drama, and wars the Anunnaki had to return to Niburu to maintain social and economical stability.

Now, we are left to fend for ourselves. We are a by far inferior race compared to the Anunnaki, but there is no need to fear. They are going to return to their beloved race to care for us and see us through. In the New Testament, there are talks of the second coming. Believe me when the spatial high tide hits, the Anunnaki are due to return and there will be a rapture-- of those that are living the peaceful, fruitful types of lives that the Anunnaki have spent many years developing for us.

The new kingdom will come when Niburu's orbit intersects with Earth's orbit, and takes Earth's place. When this happens the souls of those who have lived faithful and abundant lives will be transferred to Niburu, where they will share in the immortal follies and celestial pleasures of the supremely advanced Anunnaki race.

In the meantime, allow me to offer you one of these pieces. The power in these pieces has been extracted from a magically fertile land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. This ancient mystical hotspot is was what once was ancient Babylon and before that was part of Sumerian rule. We have extracted these powers to offer to our valuable clients, so that way they may always have an alchemical edge in a time where people are still trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

This piece will bring you the ancient wisdom of the Anunnaki race. It will guide you along a path of divine and celestial righteousness and hold your spirit in good standing with our creators from the twelfth planet. It will give you the secrets of their ancient spatial language, that outside of Earth is universal and will you to communicate with any inter-spatial life-form. The piece will give you the ability to perform a magic so powerful that it played a hand in the creation of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, created the Human Race, and has allowed super advanced inter-spatial traveling. You will be given the ability of this magic without restrictions, but it is important to note that using it obnoxiously will piss of the Anunnaki, and you probably do not want to do that.

You will gain power over all matter and all elements of our natural environment. Modern day “gangstas” will be inferior, because you will LITERALLY be able to “make it rain” on whomever you wish. You will gain the power of celestial sexuality, which is a mind blowing form of sexual alchemy that will keep any man-- or woman-- begging for more and even more. In this way, you will fulfill the Anunnaki's desires to maintain their beloved race.

Finally, you will gain an inter-spatial understanding of how everything works together to create a common good. With this skill you will be able to predict future comings of the Earth and the Space Plain. You will gain the same understanding of the Anunnaki and the ability to decipher meanings in the astrological and heavenly beings. They will coming in the Southern Sky, so make this power yours, and start here.

This is real gold and pearl and may be worn on chain. The ring is unusual and the way the pearls are placed represents the DNA strands.The gold is needed because that is what the planet thrives on and what is used to create. This is the only piece I will be offering at this time.