Reunited and it Feels SO Good~r

Reunited and it Feels SO Good~r

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Reunited and it Feels SO Good~

Holy Trinity church in Micklegate, York is said to be haunted by the ghosts of an abbess, a woman and child. The abbess was associated with a Benedictine priory that once stood on the site. She met her death when she defied soldiers who came to destroy the priory during the Reformation by saying they would enter only over her dead body.

They killed her, and as she lay dying she promised to haunt the site until another sacred building was built. She kept her promise until the abbey ruins were destroyed, whereupon she moved into the church.

The other adult female ghost is believed to belong to a woman who was buried near the organ window. The woman's husband died and he was buried near the window and shortly after, their only child died of the plague and was buried outside the city walls. The plague soon claimed the woman, who was buried alongside her husband.

It is thought that the spirit of the abbess brings the child from its grave to visit the parents graves, because the mother's spirit cannot rest without her child.

Emir visited the church on his travels and validated the haunting of the spirits... he had a visionary piece with him that allowed him to view the souls --- the daughter of the woman who was buried near the organs window came right up to Emirs face. He spoke to her and asked why she was not able to rest in peace; she said a blessing needed to be made in her parents honor to help them release their souls since their final resting place had been disrupted several times.

Emir went back to the church the next day and spoke to the Priest. Asking for a special service in the honor of the family, specifically the parents --- Elizabeth and William Rashwal. The Priest knew about the abbess, but was not aware of the family that was buried --- Emir told him about his encounters, he was hesitant to believe, but had experienced some visions himself, so he agreed.

The church service that Sunday held a delightful service in memory of the Rashwal family --- Emir attended and as he was leaving he found this piece on the ground. When he picked it up he first thought that a member of the clergy must have dropped it, but then he felt a shocking warmth run through his body when he held it in his hands; it was his gift from the Rashwal's daughter, Victoria.

It was her thanks for releasing them by granting a blessing upon them and the church that will remain as their final renowned blessed port of rest.

Emir sent this powerful piece to us because he knew it held extreme power. The item holds abilities of power negation, mimicry, accelerated healing and merging. The testers were amazed by the force of energy that was released to them.

Victoria used these powers to empower her spirit to follow the abbess to visit her parents --- you will now be granted the powers she used and can flourish in life by using them physically and astrally!