Powers of the Priest

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Powers of the Priest

There are so many religions and forms of worship that occur all around the world. It is rare to come across a Priest, or high teacher of glory that acknowledges the divine through majestic power.

Ultimate fortification came our way when we met Priest Hannlock from Michigan --- he empowers spirits of the living to send blessings to you by performing a sacrificial practice of divinity to God in your honor.

This process uses your information to connect your body with your spirit by aligning your contentment through God. It was an honor to meet such a divine and magical man --- Deedee talked with him about the spirits we encounter in items~ he offered his services to our customers.

With general information he will perform a divine sacrifice to God in your honor and then bless a piece of jewelry to recall the eviction of divine power that is summonsed through the sacrifice.

We have sent him a selection of pieces, he will choose the piece that best fits the connection he feels and that is what you will receive!

When you order, in the special instructions area you must include: your full name, date of birth, religious affiliation and what your desired message to God is that will be forecast during the sacrifice.

This indication of divine power is extraordinary ~ don't delay and get this performed while he allows us to offer it!