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Alexandra's Path to Power

Mystic, anarchist, occultist and traveler, Louise Eugenie Alexandrine Marie David (Alexandra David-Neel) was born in Paris, on October 24, 1868.

The atmosphere at home during her childhood was, by all accounts, fairly austere and her parents strict. As a child her favorite books were the science fiction fantasies of Jules Verne, and, perhaps as a form of rebelliousness against her severe upbringing, she promised herself one day to outdo the heroes of these stories.

One of the first indications of this sense of freedom and adventure was her running away at the age of five, just before the family left to move to Brussels. Only after a widespread search was she caught and marched to the police station by a gendarme, whom she scratched for his trouble.

By the age of fifteen Alexandra had already begun to study music, and had also obtained her first occult reading matter, an English journal produced by the Society of the Supreme Gnosis, sent to her by a woman called Elisabeth Morgan.

That summer her family spent the holidays in Ostend, but Alexandra wanted something more interesting and walked into Holland and crossed over to England. In London she found Mrs. Morgan, who immediately persuaded her to return home. In 1885, when she was seventeen, Alexandra again left home, this time traveling alone by train from Brussels to Switzerland. She then hiked alone over the Saint-Gotthard Pass through the Alps to the Italian lakes. Her distraught mother had to travel to the shores of Lake Maggiore and retrieve her by then penniless daughter.

She loved to explore the World and every place she would visit would enrich her passion and knowledge of occult powers.

Her long life was entirely devoted to exploration and study, the two overriding passions that made her unruly in her childhood, rebellious in her adolescence, anarchist in her youth, and one of the wisest "free thinkers" in the 20th century in her old age.

Her prized possessions were her jewels and magic tools. After a brawling auction, we were able to get our hands on some of her prized items~!

Alexandra's life was filled with supreme importance in powers and she learned at a young age that to keep learning and gaining strength, you have to keep moving and journey into other areas. --- If you stay in one place too long, you will not reap the benefits and new ideals that are excavated each day all over the world.

By getting one of these pieces you will be able to journey on her pathways and become familiar with her understandings of extreme power. Occult magic is studied, performed and mastered all over the Universe and now you will be able to transpose yourself into areas that you would otherwise never get to experience... this is a great deal~!!

I love this piece and hesitated to even sell this one,it is good stuff! Your actually getting three pieces,one not shown. The one not shown is a masonic piece from the late 1800's. The locket you see shows a moon and the stones COULD be mined diamonds,not sure. The other piece attached is also magical and very old.

Here is what they do and what they are.

The Masonic piece not shown holds the power and the ability to call Lotapes. Lotapes was an ancient sorcerer attached to the court of Pharaoh. This supernatural ability is highly unlikely to be matched because most of the true arts are lost today. Long ago people could bring back the dead with thought,it is true and if you research you will find many accounts of it. These arts are lost to some of us now.

The locket with the half moon holds the full energy and power of the Castle Del Monte. This is a replica of Solomon's Temple. You wonder why that would be of use but it is because this replica of the Temple holds the 8 orders of the Knighthood,the supernatural knighthood! The temple was built to hold the master of the world and indeed he can be called.

The next piece is the pin which seems to be a clasp but can be removed and worn alone. This is the piece with the center blue stone. This piece holds ALL Babylonian invocations. This piece also holds the power of Marduk and Ea,the gods of magic.

This is a true witches piece and NOT a piece to play with. Use it wisely. All items are antique and should be treated as such. YES, I have tested the items and have been blown away.