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This piece is an original that I made using powers from another realm.  It's not that the piece is super old, because it really isn't that old.  Rather, it's the power that you need to concentrate on when it comes to this piece.  In fact, it is the whole story.  It just happens to be a coincidental occurrence that led me to the discovery of a loophole in time.  Well, maybe it wasn't that coincidental considering the fact that I had discovered the lopphold in time a while ago and I went back there attempting to reopen it.  However, what I found on the other side of the loophole is nothing short of amazing.  I had no clue that it was what I was going find, so I'm surprised as the rest of you with this item.  I mean, I'm happy I have it, but I am surprised, because it truly was an unexpected treat.

A few weeks ago I travelled back to the place that is called Columcille.  It is basically like Pennsylvania's Stonehenge.  It boasts a series of incredibly spiritually charged monoliths.  There is a temple at Columcille, if you walk back a little further than the monoliths. Inside the Temple is a large rock that I like to call the meditation rock.  If you meditate on it long enough, you will wake up in a different realm during a different time.  You can mediate on whatever you want, but the chance is that the rock is going to have a mind of its own and send you where it wants to send you; and this is how I ended up in 15 Century Wallachia, in a close encounter with none other than Vlad the Impaler.   I don't know if I had murder on the brain when I was in the meditation chamber, but, alas, Vlad was the one who I was taken to.  

At first we didn't understand one another, he just stared at me in my 21st Century clothes, not understanding.  I stared at him too, because he looked really cool and interesting, not like the scary guy that they show in modern day portaits.  This is how I know that I was travelling in time and not to another realm.  Vlad the Impaler still exists in other-worldly and would fully recognize a 21 Century traveller.  However, this Vlad was totally flabbergasted and seemed almost as amused as I was.  He smiled and summoned on of his servants. They felt me up with their hands, face and all like I was ET or something.  

For those of you who don't already know, Vlad the Impaler is one of the most powerful vampires to have ever existed.  I mean, he still exists just not in his 1400s form.  To see him like this at his apex of power was a very rare experience.  He was also a master alchemist, being able to use blood to gain powers, ability, wealth, etc.  It comes hand in hand with being a powerful vampire.   Anyhow, Vlad stood there smiling, giving orders to his servant in some ancient language.  I'm not really sure what it was, honestly.  

What I do know is that when I saw the dagger turn up in Vlad's hand, his eyes were glossed over and he went from looking happy to looking a little bit insane like he was filled with blood lust.  Once he reached that point, I was able to say a quick conjuring/entrapment spell to place just a small piece of his soul inside of this pill box ring.  After that I hightailed it out of there, begging the mediation rock to bring me back to Columcile.  Eventually, after a few other stops it did.  

All in all the trip was a success, as I managed to slip away with a piece of Vlad Tepes Vampire Soul to this ring.  The ring is wicked cool looking to and while it is really old, the stone in the center was one that fell out of Vlad's crown while he was in blood lust for me and ready to have me as a snack.  

This piece allows you to summon Vlad Tepes, to travel back into time so see his life as he existed as a sanguine vampire in the mortal realms.  Be prepared, though because you will witness some serious blood lust scenarios.  I mean, he won't ever be able to get you because there was a protection charm also locked into this ring.  That doesn't protect the people that he got in the past and there's no changing that.  With this piece you will also gain full powers over a vast range of sanguine abilities.  For those of you who are vampire buffs, you know what all these abilities will be.  For those of you who are kind of novice at all this, ask the vampire buffs.  Either way, this piece is perfect for anyone who has always dreamt of becoming a vampire but never really wanted to undergo a full transformation because they wanted to preserve their mortality.  

To activate the power in this piece, you must open the top of the ring (the pill box part), prick your finger, and place into it one drop of your own blood.  You can do more if you want, but it won't make the experience more vivid.  A drop is all that is requrie.  You will, at this point, wear the item either as the ring it was suggested to be or on a chain around your neck.  The powers in the piece will begin to activate with the alchemy of your blood.  It won't be long before you begin having experiences like I had at Columcille and gaining a deep understading and all the powers of one of the most infamous sanguine vampires, Vladimir Tepes.