Multi-tasking dual magic ring,all listing now available!
Multi-tasking dual magic ring,all listing now available!
Multi-tasking dual magic ring,all listing now available!
Multi-tasking dual magic ring,all listing now available!
Multi-tasking dual magic ring,all listing now available!

Multi-tasking dual magic ring,all listing now available!

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This is a multi tasking dual magic sterling silver ring. I know the pics aren't great but I'm on the road traveling. You change out the stone for the one you want and they will NOT get lost. This ring is done by a special designer and not the cheap stuff you find in retail stores. There are some stones not pictured, about 5. Each stone is a totally different thing and will come wrapped in a bag separately and marked so you know what it is. Also so they don't touch each other as some things are dual and if you don't want them you may send them back, not use them or give them away. Your getting a total of about 48 stones that all fit in this ring. Due to my traveling I'm going to give you a short list of some of what they do or who they are.

1- Rome a very active white light but yet dual in his actions at times, vampire.

2- the one ball in the ring that has gilded gold and other colors is a blue wealth Djinn.

3- both green square stones are for wealth, the darker one is wealth alchemy and the lighter one is an absinthe wealth fairy that makes people drunk with desire as far as jobs and giving you wealth.

4- the clear yet opalescent one is a white light psychic ability angel.

5-161 you want this one

6- charging bead that does 1,000 charging.

7- self confidence and inner power bead.

8- sexual appeal that is HYPNOTIC!!!

9- intelligence

10- self defending power for your immune system and health

11- extreme beauty and good looks through glamorizing fire cast magic.

12- discernment of ALL people creatures and spirits. This is great because you know who to stay away from.

13- revenge done naturally.

14-fertility that works for you or to help others and to maintain a safe pregnancy. Trust me I do the best of these! I'm known throughout for my ability to make people pregnant. Sounds strange but when you have it, you have it!

15- true love, spirit love and gaining back a lover if needed.

16- major erections that are seriously enlarged and get the job done.

17- multiple orgasms and the ability to have them through thought alone.

18- removal of all negative feelings, blockages and curses from both past and present.

19-justice through court and law suits.

20-gambling and luck at games, life and lottery.

21- Heaven hound of pure white light.

22- hell hound of the dead, message bringer.

23-sexual magic

24-conjuring of any spirit

25- archangels help of Michael, Uriel,Gabriel,Raphael


27-Sumarian and Egyptian magic, the ancient power.

28-department zero, full disclosure, power and technology.

29-alien DNA plus communication, and follow through to enlightenment.

30-Saint Ignatius and your open eyes to the light. This allows you to see how things really are,become empathic. This stone will give you the ecstatic experience and when you have one of those you have lived and done it all.  This is a real eye opener to all truth. This Saint is the one who told everyone he could that you fight against not the flesh but of rulers and powers of the dark. In getting this enlightenment you have a full protection and knowledge of EVERYTHING!

31-Conjuration of the four elements. This does not mean air,fire,water,etc. This means the conjuring of created spirits and making them work for you. This makes you a master of all the unseen spirits and will include ALL unseen. This magic comes from Eliphas Levi who was a master at it.

32-Divine Sciences which woud be your alchemy known. This means that you will restore sick bodies,decayed souls,prepare fine metals,and it does mean gold. This is clear water for the soul,which means an end to death if you so desire minus being some sort of vampire,with the ability to pass on as you wish. This is true alchemy.

33-The six keys of Eudoxus. This is a life changing source that is for those who really were born knowing they are different in some way. That they are here to do something but may not know what it is just yet.

34- THOUGHTFORM KING BLUE DJINN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not for anything else,you want this ring for this Djinn!! There has never been a Djinn so powerful as this beauty!! This ring is worth it just for this Djinn. I will NOT lower the price on this ring. I have offfered it at 400 through my DAILY DEAL because I did not have to write everything up. Do NOT as for the lower price as I will tell you no. If you ask Jason or anyone else I will over ride what they say as this is my business,my website and I have to gather these items or pay for investigations to get them. You are getting your money already in just this Djinn alone!!

35-Lutin,a very fun and wealth gifting goblin.

36- Rougarou,human shapeshifting werewolf.

37-Clurichaun a very sexual and slut like fairy that can also hypnotize others for you and  have sex with you.  Trampy little beasts but you hold full control over them.

38-Polong,this is a slave spirit and that does not mean it is an English child or a black person.  This is just a slave spirit. They are only to serve you and there is a difference between them and the Pelesit which is a demon spirit,this is NOT a demon spirit. This spirits only objective is to do as you tell them to. They are also invisible but around all the time and hear you very well. Should you ask to gain a soul mate,money,etc it WILL be giiven to you. I personally have more then a few of these and if this one did not come with this ring I would keep it myself, I have 6 of them already and I have never offered a single one for sale on this website.

39- Ley lines power source.

40-Initiation into whatever black source group your seeking through the help of a friend!

Now for 41 through 46 you tell us what you want and those stones will then be added.