February's Fabulous Finds -- Item # 2

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February's Fabulous Finds -- Item # 2

These items are incredible items that have  been recovered from Adita on her travels across the world. Each item holds strong energies and is a great piece. We have been excessively busy this month with many investigations, and so we had one of our trusted testers go over these, but did not proclaim our normal multi-testing process.

Adita is phenomenal and only brings us great items, and this is our # 1 tester, so we know they are great items, but due to the unnormal process we are going to give you a remarkable discount on them... as we did not have to format as much time with each of them ... so this is a great chance to SAVE big on new pieces! These may be flawed, as they were not fully through our normal procedure, but then again could be in perfect condition -- I have only seen the pics.

This item will bring you accomplishment and fulfillment. This will bring to life the completion of a personal cycle, project,  or a series of events to conclude an open chapter in your life. 

You will find success from the blessings of a culmination of events -- the magic will bring you a sense of repleteness -- Great piece!