Yowie's Hidden Appeal

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Yowie's Hidden Appeal

A Yowie is a longhaired, gorilla-like creature that walks on its hind legs. It is very muscular, with a black shiny face, two big yellow eyes, a short thick neck, a hole for a mouth with human-like fingers.

The yowie is found in  Australia ---some cryptozoologists believe that it could be some form of marsupial like an ape-man or ape, or that it is a modern-day descendant of Homo Erectus.

Yowies are phenomenal at hiding and finding out information without ever having anyone know that they were ever there!

This piece holds a yowie named Monnoel...he knows how to hide -- and this will help you to hide behind anything, thus benefiting you in many ways! You can cause chaos and hide behind others to never be caught... or you can hide from others when you wish to gain information without them knowing you were around. The natural instincts will kick in and associate your mind to help project the needed attributes that yowie's are born with -- Monnoel will asset amazing things upon you with his magic~

Great piece.