Frequencies Beyond Earth

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Frequencies Beyond Earth

Until now, you could not adequately measure ultrasonic frequencies unless you had a special amplifier which will amplify electronic signals in the ultrasound bandwidth (BW).

Even the highest quality, most expensive audio amplifiers don't amplify signals much above 20 KHz (the human upper hearing limit) - they cannot amplify ultrasonic BW signals so are useless for ultrasonic detection purposes such as ultrasonic attack, ultrasonic mind control, ultrasonic communications, outputs of ultrasonic equipment (such as pest controllers / animal controllers, ultrasonic cleaning tools, ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic distance measuring, natural ultrasonic phenomena (e.g. bats, insects, etc.) or any other ultrasonic signals), or high-frequency sonar or high-frequency electric fields, magnetic fields or electromagnetic fields.
While oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers will display very low intensity ultrasonic BW signals that come directly from an ultrasonic transducer, because some ultrasonic signals are extremely weak (microvolts), only the most expensive scopes will amplify them enough for decent viewing or analysis (and these usually require 1X probes).

For most oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, you need an external ultrasonic BW amplifier to provide adequate signal boosting if you want to view ultrasonic signals more than 1 cm peak-to-peak on the scope or spectrum analyzer display. Furthermore, since scopes are wideband, they will amplify and display all detected signals throughout their entire huge signal bandwidth. Thus, noise frequencies both below and above the ultrasound BW will also be amplified and displayed along with the ultrasonic BW frequencies, thus making viewing and analysis of the ultrasonic frequencies on a commercial scope garbled up with all of the noise without an ultrasonic amplifier in between much more difficult and sometimes virtually impossible. And unamplified ultrasonic BW signals are useless for any direct application of these signals.

So  by now many of you are probably thinking..."what the hell are they rambling on about"... right? Well this is the kind of sourced transmissions that we deal with when we are investigating places... we utilize these frequencies to gain direct connections with spirits.

Being able to fortify the direct links with the spirits is what allows us to have contact and be able to have them gain trust in us, so we are able to help them and pull in their energies and powers!!

This special piece transmits a wideband ultrasonic amplification that is
 is especially designed to be very sensitive to ultrasound BW signals and is also especially designed to NOT be very sensitive to audio band (and infrasonic band) signals... but it works within you, allowing the infusion of the powers to emerge from your own ears!

This special amplifier  item works by kinetically connecting within you -- and the best thing with this is you will be engaged by all realm spirits when you have this piece with you -- thus opening the flood gates to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams!