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Some people appear to be very sensitive to signals coming from God, angels, space aliens, ancient ancestors, departed spirits and even animals, which sensitivity manifests itself into automatic writing.

However, most people lack this inate sensitivity, but would still like to engage in automatic writing based on incoming signals.

Basically, how this automatic writing item works is that you hold it in the palm of your hand and a pen or pencil in the fingers of same hand prepared for writing.

You lay down a blank sheet of paper. You turn ON the piece with the trigger word, which you will be given after purchase, and then you then attempt to draw freehand an horizontal straight line across the paper about at your normal writing speed.

The majestic piece picks up signals from the air using its wideband force of power, highly amplifies them, and then transforms them into mechanical vibrations. These vibrations then cause your pen or pencil to vibrate in the vertical axis to modulate your attempted straight line into what now appears to be writing.

Practice and experimentation are required for best results... so  try using your non-dominate hand as well. This will depict messages from loved ones that have passed, answers about afterlife, and will also help to reveal mind control and surveillance attempts that others may have against you.

This unlocks many secrets that are hidden around your personal spirit based off of others~!