Solar Plexus Manifestation
Solar Plexus Manifestation

Solar Plexus Manifestation

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We spend so much time concentrating on the opening of the 3rd Eye Chakra, because this opening seems to be the fastest path to the magic that we desire.  While in some cases this is true, it is not true in all cases.  To gain the powers that you want, but often times aren't coming to you, you must consult the energies that are entering your body.  You know, go right to the source.  
If you want to get right to the source of the energies that are entering our body from the universe, you will have to look no further than the solar plexus.  The solar plexus.  The solar plexus is the chakra in the middle of our abdomen.  It is near the place where our umbilical chord once fed us from our mother's body.  It is also the place where our spiritual umbilical chord exists.
The solar plexus is the place where all energies from the universe enter the body.  It is this energy that is received by the body and then depending on your magical level either exits the body or is synthesize into powers and magic.  Again, if you are a high level magician, you can synthesize this energy into magic, powers, and abilities.  If you didn't even know what a solar plexus, you're not synthesizing any energy, and you're losing out on magic that you could be accessing.  
Here's the thing, this piece catches the energy that normally enters your body through the solar plexus.  Once every seven days there is enough energy in this piece for you to create one power.  You don't have to do anything special or out of the ordinary.  It just catches all the energy that your solar plexus normally catches, before it otherwise leaves your body.  Except, this time, the energy will not leave.  It will collected in this item.
On the eve of every seventh night wearing this piece, you will light a candle, make a salt circle around it, put the piece inside of the circle.  You will then write down what kind of power you most desire.  Set this inside the circle also.  Allow the candle to burn all the way down.  When the candle is done burning, you will also burn the paper you have written on.  At the end of this process, the energy that was being held this piece will have been transformed into whatever power it is you wrote on the paper.  
It really is this simple.  Don't let the energies that are inside of you go to waste.  This is an excellent piece and the perfect way to easily manifest your own magical powers!