Divine Invisibility

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Some people really piss me off. I'm away on investigation and taking a break today to handle other things. Instructions for some and locating a piece for someone else. One customer asked me where is the piece they bought so for hours I'm trying to figure out what happened to it. They demand to know where it is. Okay I can understand and this somehow MUST be my fault!  So I can't say anything to the customer if it's my screw up. So instead hours of my time of which I have very little of is spent on this person. Then I come to find out I better check paypal and see when they ordered and match it up with what has been shipped since we keep all records. Well low and behold this idiot ordered only two days ago! WTF are these people serious? You ordered two days ago,do I flap my arms and fly it to you? Do I do a magic spell so you can shit it out? People tell me Dee Dee you can't talk to people like that,really? The hell I can't! If your that much of an idiot and have me running all over oh yes I can! Have respect and it will be given to you. Then and oh yes I have someone who is NOT a customer order a few free items on the site, again really? Really because it states one and secondly it states for Christmas and third you bug me about where it's at? How about you get your ass in line and no I won't stop what I'm doing to handle this you greedy bastard! I had a seller tell me to sell you must project love and light, Screw that shit! I'm human and if you act like an ass I will treat you like one. Many of my customers will tell you that I give a LOT, I give away a LOT of stuff to those who treat me right as I treat them. I don't NEED to be doing this! I LIKE doing this! So all new people become aware, I will not tolerate your shit. If you don't like you can shop somewhere else where items are placed on every day and maybe they do conjure them from thier asses,I don't. I have to hunt for it,I have to travel for it and I must use real magic to gain it. If you can't wait or your an asshole,be off! So when people wonder why I'm a little slow with the emails it's because I do travel,I don't conjure fake shit from me ass and often have to deal with insufferable morons. Now with that being said,here is a really cool item.
I have a few of these. I was lead to finding this amazing cool magic from the box I found in Italy which is also on today.
This  magic comes from Israel and it is the ony kind of magic like it that we are offering. If your seeking invisibilty this is it but let me explain it first.
Anyone can use this but I do not suggest using it for criminal activity at all.
Example of how this has worked.
Someone who belongs to a patriot group was traveling with some items that might not be exactly legal. They had no ill intentions but feel that a time will come when it ( those items) will be needed.  They get pulled over and everything is sitting in the center of the truck,things the feds would not like. They tore apart the truck and even though it was right there it became unseen! RIGHT THERE! RIGHT WHERE ANYONE COULD SEE IT! YET, the eyes of the police were made blind, blind to what sat in front of them in truck and trust me it was not like they would not know what it was! That is one example and here is another.
A young woman needing to hide in a moment unexpected had no where to go. She was in a room with no way out. She in total fear and panic hid in the closet. The closet was opened and she stood there ready to scream, her mouth opening she watched as the door closed. They could not see her! WHY? Now yes she was given what her grandmother called the invisible protection but she never believed her. She didn't even wear it all the time but was going to see her that week. The piece her grandmother gave her was nothing but a decorative pendant. She really felt her grandmother was losing some of her mind due to age. Well apparently she wasn't! Now we could chalk this up to the one guy just let her go,did not want to kill her but there are other examples.
My daughter and I are going to Montauk 2 and I'm doing 60 in a 35 zone. I see the police and I'm like screw it he got me now. She says OMG he's pulling out. I said I'm to tired to stop,really I am. He just kept going. I have no explanation for it.
In another situation Lindy, Steve and I went to a place that we are not allowed to go to or take picture of or even draw. It is a government area,we will just leave it at that. I'm not going to lie, we never expected to get in so we are laughing and acting not very professional.  It was just the three of us so we were like okay, whatever. We did get in! I have no idea how but we did. Now I was wearing my piece and one thing we all know is that if one of us is caught but not the others we keep moving and get what we came for. That is unless it's someone dangerous that caught the others. This wasn't dangerous but it was going to include jail time.  So I see them and think damn we are all caught. They looked directly at me and did NOT see me. Did I ask to be invisible, did I have any control over it? NO and NO! That is a case I can't chalk up to a maybe,it was a yes it did happen. While I have many other examples I intentionally tried after that one I will just now tell you how I got them.
 My box that I found in Italy directed me to Israel where I located another box! This little box was the same with a wonderful entity who gives this gift to those who will need it. These pieces do exactly what I described but if you must get lost forever out of the system this is for you. If you ever need protection it is for you. if you must travel it is for you. If you need to know what is going on that someone will not tell you it is for you. There is no activation as these pieces are divine.
All we need from you is the name of the person who will be using them. I also found that many of these peices are being used by spys and those in terrible areas. I also learned that during the time you can't be seen your body is in no harm.
These are very low priced because everyone should have one and it is something great to invest in. The pieces will be all kinds from mens pendants to charms. These things will be easy to carry with you.