Imprints in Time
Imprints in Time

Imprints in Time

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If you are like most "normal" people, the only existence that you comprehend is the one that you see happening around you.  This is because it is the physical existence that you can easily see.  It is the existence that you are used to seeing.  However, reality is made up of different levels of existence.  These different levels are called plains of existence.  
The plain of existence that we exist in is different than those spirits and souls who are aware of their existence and attempt to come back to the physical realm to communicate with their loved ones or just people in general.  Then, there is an entire realm of existence spirits called imprints live in.  Aside from diabolic possessions and poltergeists, this is typically the type of spirit that you encounter in a house haunting or haunting of a person.  
An imprint is a soul that has been caught in a rift in time that keeps playing over and over again like a movie on a loop.  Imprints are not aware of their existence.  They are the apparitions of people and things of the past.  They are made up of energy that exists in a certain area.  Therefore, it is difficult to make contact with them but not impossible.  
This piece has been specifically designed to be able to communicate with imprints.  Why would you want to communicate with them?  If you are into ghost hunting, this is a very useful tool.  Not only to make contact with imprints that you may come across, but for you to help in the process of letting the imprints realize it is time to cross over, therefor ending the haunting. 
Probably more importantly, there are often time powers and abilities associated with these imprints.  In most cases this is why they can't-- or won't-- move on.  If you can communicate with them, they will tell you about the power or ability.  They can range in what they tell you.  Could be a love power, because the spirit never moved on because of a lost love.  It could be wealth power, because the spirit is guarding their worldly wealth.  It's literally a wild card.  
This piece not only allows you to make contact with imprints, but also with spirits at large.  These are the souls and other ghosts that know they exist.  They are the ones who are here on purpose, visiting from other planes of existence for whatever reason.  This piece will allow you summon and communicate with any past soul, whether it be Joan of Arc, Napoleon Bonaparte, Vlad the Impaler, King Tut, or your deceased great-grandmother.  It's a very well-rounded, versatile kind of magic that is very necessary if you are into communicating with spirits of all kinds-- imprints or otherwise.