Native Necromancy
Native Necromancy

Native Necromancy

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Native Americans buried their dead in mounds.  They did so in pomp and circumstance, as to honor their fallen ancestors.  As for the mounds that were built, they took the form of very specific geometric patterns.  For years it has been understood that they did this because it helped the mounds fall in place with certtain celebrations of the dead and rituals that helped the dead leave the grave to take their place in the afterlife.  
Those who are from Pennsylvania know that the Indians that once ruled the lands we live on were part of the Iriquois COnfederation.  There were five tribes of Iriquois, all belonging to the same great nation.  Their burial techniques were similar.  To this day, the tribes still have meetings and pow-wows in the area.  SOme are open for the public to attend and some are not.  
Years ago, I met a friend of mine at a pow-wow.  He is a member of the Iriquios nation.  He has since provided me with great pieces to offer on the website.  This is one of those pieces.  He is a shaman of a group of Iriquois that reside close to where I do.  He allowed me to sit in on one of the ritual dances of the burial mounds.  
Through this sharing in this experience, I was able to gain the understanding that not only are these rituals with the mounds done to see the ancestors off into the eternal, but they are also used to raise their ancestors back from the dead.  Why do they raise their ancestors?  Well it is commonly believed that the ancestors go off into a place of knowledge and light.  The ancestors are summoned to bring back their knowledge of what they have seen from the other side.  This almost always includes different forms of magics, the birthing of different types of white light beings, different forms of sorcery and different forms of magic.  What they get when they summon their ancestors depends on who they pull through.  
For instance, one time he pulled through somebody who allowed him to travel in time.  Another time he pulled in an ancestor who gave him the magic of ancient treasures.  Let's just say that he and his "tribe" have no worries when it comes to money.  The different powers that are encountere are unique, they are examples of original Native American magic, and they are very powrful.  
This piece gives you the ability to raise the elders from the dead as if you were part of the tribe.  They will give you whatever magic they have come in contact with.  You can use this piece to contact different elders, who will each gives you a different form of magic.  This is the perfect to grow your own arsenal, with Native magic that is sure to work!!