Lilith's Undead
Lilith's Undead

Lilith's Undead

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This piece is very powerful, as it was given to us by a very powerflu entity.  Tomer, who is an immortal vampire gave us this piece a while back. However, we have simply not put it on yet, because we weren't sure if we were going to hang onto this one for a while.
The ring itself is sterling, but the red stone that is set into the center of the ring is a crystallized blood of a man victim that was bitten by Lilith.  Lilith is the good girl gone bad in the Bible who refused to serve Adam and so got kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  That's when Eve was born of Adam's rib, so she would be subservient.  
When Adam and Eve were also kicked out of the Garden of Eden, Lilith returned with a vengeance.  Her sole purpose was to feast on the blood of her victims, because it is the very essence of life that God has given us to pump through our veins.  Since she was kicked out of the garden she has been made an undead immortal.  She thirsts for the blood that once ran through her veins, which is why she terrorizes humans to drink their blood.  
This blood is then transformed into sanguine magic by the vampire, which gives her the ability to create dual magical spells, see the future, experience superhuman speed and agility, to control the minds of humans, to walk among foreign realms, to travel throughout time, and all other kinds of powers.  Her bite had the ability to change whomever she has bitten into one of her kind.  Thus, she created an army of her own, with these incredible abilities.  
This ring is a drop of Lilith's blood that was left behind on one of her victims.  It was collected by Tomer during the excavation of a secret crypt, where a vampire was found with a spike driven directly through it's heart.  The blood was originally thought to be the vampire's own. Crystallized samples were taken and tested by Tomer and he found them to different from the rest of the blood.  This is when he realized that they belonged to Lilith.  
This piece was created using the crystallized blood.  It gives you all of the sanguine abilities that I outlined above, plus probably others that haven't been discovered.  This is how sanguine powers work.  There are always those powers that come along after you think you've discovered them all.  This is one of the most powerful vampire pieces, because it allows you to become as if you Lilith without an actual transformation.