Spirits of the Constellation
Spirits of the Constellation

Spirits of the Constellation

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This piece is called the spirit of the constallations, because it entails just that.  It was found in a stellar temple of the Mayan peoples during an investigation that we were on before the turning of the 2012 stellar gate and the coming of the new age.  This piece is everything that you've wanted if you are lost in the mystery of, "Where did all of these grandiose creations come from?", "Why are they there?", "What do they mean?". 
Like you, I used to wonder.  I wonder no more.  This is part due to this item, but also to other items that I have worked with along the way.  This piece unlocks an ancient truth that gives you an enlightenment to understand the powers of the constellations.  Each one holds their own soul, their own inner spirit.  These spirits are the blueprints for all of creation.  They have been set in place by God and the orbit everything, not just our own human existence.  
Within each constellation are the blueprint and the DNA for all of creation.  Each stellar constellation is a living, breathing entity that governs their own particular period of time. This is why it is said that we are in the age of Aquarius.  Right now time and existence is being governed by Aquarius.  Before this is was Pisces, the fish.  
The blueprints tie all of existence together-- the existence all all constallations, the planets, the moon, the sun, and all other forms of existence that exist throughout the gigantic expanse of the solar system.  In using this item we have been able to see into these blueprints to discover many different kinds of entities.  We discover angelic lifeforms, demonic lifeforms, extraterrestrial lifeforms, even faery lifeforms (which are actually just a deviant form of angel who have free will).
This piece gives you the ability to see into these blueprints-- these building blocks-- of life in order to see the many places that exist other than Earth and the many beings that exist other than ourselves.  There are many powers to be harvested and many types of entities that will allocate their powers to you.  Greed does not exist outside of the human existence, because all other entities realize that there is plenty and the more that is given and shared, the more there will be created.  This is why God tells people to treat your brother as you would yourself.  Share your magic with everyone, because the more magic that is practiced the more that is created and the more the universe will become complete and full.  
You will gain all this, but you will also gain this.  This is the most powerful connection that we were able to establish using this piece.  This is not to say this will be the most powerful connection you will make, but it will be one of the most powerful ones.  It is a connection with Saturn, the planetary representation of Satan, lord of the dark realms AKA Hell.  Through our immense connection to Saturn, we were able to cross the threshold into the dark realms, where we we siphoned powers out of Satan.  This is why I said this piece answers all of your questions, because not only does it give you the blueprint, but it gives you access to Satan's knowledge of the blueprint.  Put it this way.  Before being cast into the Lake of Fire, Satan sat on the right hand of God.  In Biblical times, this meant that he was the second most powerful in all of Heaven.  He assisted God in created these blueprints.  From these blueprints that were placed in the constellations, sprung forth human life.  
With this piece you will gain all Satanic knowledge, but just a white washed version.  By white washed I mean the powers that you gain from this knowledge will be the white light version, from when Satan existed as Lucifer the angel.  For existence, you will gain the power of seeing all of the prophecies of the end times, what they all mean, and how they will affect you and the world.  We were taken to the realm of Heaven where the Four Horsemen wait patiently to ride at the sounding of their trumpet.  We have seen into the realms of Hell where the ten-horned beast is kept and the harlot that rides the beast.  We gained all of this knowledge and all of his powers, which ironically include the ability to spiritually and physically heal, as well as the ability to open the full faculty of psychic awareness.  
Apart from this, you will be able to control each spirit of the constellation.  Each one will show you a different segment of the universe and reality.  With this you will gain the ability to come in contact with many other races of existence, many different powers, and many different magical abilities.  You don't want to pass this up.  This piece is very enlightening and will work to maximum potential.