Flowers of the Rosslyn Chapel
Flowers of the Rosslyn Chapel
Flowers of the Rosslyn Chapel

Flowers of the Rosslyn Chapel

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This piece harbors an ancient secret from a place that might be the missing link between the Templars and the Freemasons.  It began in 15th Century when William St Clair built the Rosslyn Chapel.  By early 18th Century, following the example or the English, the Scottish went public with their Freemasonry.  However, they had to be better than the English, so they claimed that their roots ran deeper and longer.  Their Masonic institution was several centuries long, with the St Clairs, modern day Sinclairs, having bee the hereditary grandmasters.  As such, a man named William Sinclair, namesake and descendent of the original architect of the chapel was named their grandmaster.  
The grand master of the Priory of Scion whose name was Pierre Plantard, added "de St Clair to the end of his name.  This has many believing that he had Masonic roots, stemming from the St Clair/Sinclair family.  When Templars were supposedly dissolved many of them, including Plantard, sought refuge in lodges of the Freemasons.  This is how magic from both the Freemasons and the Templars ended up in the Rosslyn Chape.  Aside form the Freemason roots it already held, when Templars sought refuge in this Chapel, they'd leave their magic there.  
Fast forward in time and we have the likeness of Berenger Sauniere who knew the secrets that were hidden in the Rosslyn Chapel.  He was a local priest who oversaw the communion at the chapel.  It did not take long for him to catch on to the fact that the chapel was a very-- shall we say-- special kind of place.  After being there only a little while, Berenger found that underneath the chapel is the place where this magic was hidden.  Not just any kind of magic, though.  It was divine wealth magic.  
He noticed that everyday at about 3:00 AM, flower petals would fall to the floor, seemingly out of nowhere.  From the center of these flowers and entity would bloom.  Well the first couple of times that this happened Berenger just stood and watched.  Finally, he worked up his nerve to touch the entity that was being birthed by the flower petals. Nothing happened that he immediately noticed, so he decided to do it again the next day.  
Before he really knew what as happening, Berenger a very poor individual began to grow in wealth.  He had no idea how, this wealth came seemingly out of nowhere.  His wealth grew so tremendously that in a matter of a few months he became a multi-millionaire, without explanation.  The only thing he ever did different in his routine was place his hands upon the entity that grew out of the flower petals.  This was clearly an ancient Templar or Masonic power, becasue this is the entity that had granted him his millions.  
On a separate investigation, we visited the Rosslyn Chapel at 3:00 AM and we were surprised to find out that they same sequence still takes place.  The flower petals fall out of nowhere and the entity is bloomed.  It happens once a day at the same tie.  We were able to touch a piece to the entity, the same way Berenger touhced the entity to bring him wealth.  
This piece now holds some of the most powerful wealth energy that we have ever seen.  All you have to do is wear the piece and the power begins to radiate through your body.  This will attract wealth to you in grandiose quantities.  You may not notice it the very first day, but that's probably about the only day.  This piece will begin to pour in wealth from all different directsion.  It will bring wealth and riches from all areas of your life.  There are areas of your life that are capable of bringing wealth that you probably don't even know about.  The wealth will becoming from there as well.  It's just an overall very powerful piece that will flood your life with extreme wealth in every form imaginable!