The Nine are Returning:  Their Hidden Truths and Realities

The Nine are Returning: Their Hidden Truths and Realities

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All of the hype that was given to the year 2012 has come to pass and guess what?  The Earth is still here.  We have not been taken out by the return of some rogue asteroid.  The world didn't implode on itself.  However, the stargate that happened in 2012 should not soon be forgotten and there is good reason for that.  
You see just as a baby is born, so is an age.  An age is birthed out of spiritual circumstances and it must grow to accomodate those that embrace it.  Those that do no will be left behind, just as in the past, those who could not keep up with evolution were left for dead.  
Well, I tell you that the stargate that occurred in 2012 may not have with a big bang, as we have always maintained.  We were not up at midnight waiting for the world to end.  We understood that the stargate was not about an ending it was about a beginning.  You can ask any of the people who have bought our pre-2012 pieces.  The stargate is about an age of enlightenment and the coming the Nine.
THe people who have bought our pre-2012 pieces have already begun to experience immense changes, such as full-faculty psychic awakening, third eye awakening, the coming of different types of beings and entities to Earth from space.  THe identification of these aliens and the power absorption of their powers.  They can hear the harmonics of the universe speaking to them, telling them that the time is coming when the nine will return.  
The Nine are the gods of the Underworld who will bring with them nine hidden truths and nine unknown realities.  They will do battle with the 13 gods of the heavens.  Of course the gods of the heavens will be the ones who prevail, because white forces always defeat dark forces.  All that will be left of the Nine then, are the truths that they have been harboring and hiding from mankind. 
These nine truths are nine forms of astrological magic that will encompass nine forms of scared magic.  Each one has a reality, where you can go to experience the magic and to bring it with you to the mortal realms.  
Depicted on this piece is a Mayan Temple and a Mayan Temple Guard.  The guard hides the Nine Truths that are held by the Nine Gods of the underworld.  The temple is where the truths are hidden.  On the back is there is a planet that represents the underworld.  This planet has nine horns on it, including the one in the middle.  This planet will usher the return of the nine gods in real life.  It will also usher the return of the nine gods to you, personally.  
This piece gives the secrets of the nine truths-- the nine great powers.  It will show you the nine great truths and give you the nine great truths.  It will let you pass through the nine realities to learn the nine truths and to bring them back to the mortal realm.  I cannot tell you what the nine truths are, because there are no mortal words for them.  All I can tell you is that when you use this piece youa re going to be super enlightened.  You can mark my words.  You will never experience another awakening quite like this one!!