The Great Archanum
The Great Archanum

The Great Archanum

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The Great Arcanum was hidden by Medieval alchemists.  It was hidden among innumerable symbols and esoteric allegories.  It was hidden in manuscripts, writings, and secret codes that only those who were "supposed" to know the meaning would get.  You can see evidence of this in paintings, writings, musical compositions, and other kinds of art from the medieval time period, specifically the Renaissance period.  This was done in order to keep them alive during the Inquisition.  
These powers have been kept alive even to this day.  If you don't believe me, you can study works of art by different people.  We have even had entire pieces designed to open up the third eye for those who are using the magic can see, easily, the secret powers that are hidden within some of these works of art.  With this item, however, you have hit the jackpot.  This piece doesn't just bring you a power or some powers.  This piece holds the entire Great Arcanum.  The Great Arcanum is the magical knowledge that you will gain through sexual affairs.  
We have told you before that sexual energy is excellent at making pieces work.  With this one the sex is required.  It is the only way to activate the item that you will be getting.  This is because the energy from sexual endeavors frees the body of blocks that it would normally hold.  The energy emitted when you are having sex is very powerful, which is why the angels in the Ark of Alliance were depicted in copulation.  It is why the Holy Grail is many times considered to be a woman's sex organ.  It's the basic understanding that sexual energy opens up new possibilities that were never possible before.  It's just the way it is.  
When you get this piece, you will need to wear it while you are undergoing sexual endeavors.  The reason I say this is because this piece will work just as well during a "self-session" as it will if you are having sex with somebody else.  Not only will the energies in this piece bring you the best orgasms you have ever experienced, but it will activate your item.  The doors of the Great Arcanum will be opened up to you.  You will be able to see all possible magic in it's alchemical form.  When I say all possible magic that is what I mean.  Every form of magic that is possible is recorded in the Great Arcanum, which has recorded a copy of all magic that has ever been practiced in the history of existence.
When the doors of the Great Arcanum are open to you, you will be able to select one power form to bring back to the mortal realm with you.  This form will them be absorbed by the piece you are wearing.  Whatever power form you bring back with you, you will be able to practice in the mortal realm.  Next time you have sex or a sexual encounter, the doors of the Great Arcanum will be opened once more.  Again, you will be able to bring back one power with you.  The possibilities are endless, because there is a copy of all magic in the Great Arcanum, probably some you never even knew existed.  Having said that, all the abilities, powers, magic, etc. that you want are located in the Great Arcanum, you will just have to find them.