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I have to say that this is one of my favorite pieces. It is an antique and bloody red for a reason. This comes from Czechoslovakia and is what is known as a Sanguinarian a blood drinker. This is one of the most powerful because they are using a life source.

Human blood holds true alchemy although being used by a vampire gives the purest form of power. To take it from a vampire is for you to gain power that normally you could not.

This piece was given to a very young gypsy girl who was about to be murdered by people in her town. They had accused her of casting a spell which she did not do. She was 17 at the time and the attention of Decvili was given to her. He does inhabit the piece even though she has long past on. He respected her wishes to not become immortal and to live her life with her family. She was never in love with him and they became very good friends. Decvili is not beyond a sexual relationship but must be careful in doing so as the sexual energy often leads to a blood thirst. I know this is true because at one time Shine had a problem with this too.

This piece is made with glass and blood and you will know that when you see it. The powers that are in this are as follows.

Temporal Stasis


Biokinesis- I love this one because to be able to alter the Genes and DNA of a person or animal can come in handy. I usually use this one when I'm dealing with demons or evil spirits but it can be used for anything.


Magnokinesis which is very good for creating a force field of protection or for opening the spirit world. You can also use this for psychic ability which is greatly enhanced because of this power.

You only need to possess this piece to get the item to work and to activate the abilities.