Mary Celeste and her Celestial Beings

Mary Celeste and her Celestial Beings

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Mary Celeste and her Celestial Beings

The biggest maritime mystery of all times is that of the Mary Celeste. She was a grand old ship and one fateful day she took off into the Atlantic Ocean, never to be the same again. Okay, well she would remain the same, but her crew and passengers definitely would never be the same. Okay, well... maybe they're the same, as well. The truth is that nobody really knew. Not until now.

The Mary Celeste is a brigantine merchant ship, earning her fame for being discovered on December 4, 1982 in the Atlantic Ocean. She was found 400 miles off course, off the coast of Africa. Destine for Italy, she was unmanned and abandoned by all. The weather was clear and nothing was happening that was nothing out of the ordinary.

The most mysterious thing about the ship's disappearance is that there were no documented occurrences of anything that may have altered their path, which was taking them to Italy. There were no incidents to be reckoned with. No problems were reported in the ships log, which would've been customary in the day of the Mary Celeste.

As for the captain, the crew, and the passengers aboard the Mary Celeste, there was no trace of them either. No remains have ever been turned out. There has never been any evidence as to why the ship was abandoned and where its passengers and crew have gone. The ship was stocked with enough food to feed the passengers for six months. The ship was in good repair and fully operational. Until this day, nobody really knows what has happened to the people aboard the ship called the Mary Celeste.

Okay, well I should say almost nobody knows. We here at Haunted Curiosities have a knack for picking up the most unusual vibes, but you already know this. When Deedee went into a psychic trance one day and picked up signals from another realm, it seemed like nothing out of the ordinary... well, for us anyhow.

However, as the episode went on, we realized that this wasn't just any spiritual encounter. The encounter she was having was with the crew of the ghost ship, Mary Celeste. They were tuning into her abilities from another realm-- one they were taken too in the 1800s and have been in ever since.

It seems that on that on the fateful voyage of the Mary Celeste, there were more than just stars to peer at in the sky, that goes on forever when you're out at sea. The ship's encounter with intergalactic foreigners seemed to prove fruitful and enlightening. Unfortunately, until now, they were never around to talk about it. Well that has all changed.

Now most people insist that only living things have souls, but when something is left to fend for itself for a long period of time, they develop characteristics, traits, and yes... even souls. The piece that I am offering you holds the soul of the Ghost Ship, Mary Celeste. She was alive and had a mind of her very own. When the crap hit the fan and she knew she needed to leave, she found her way to help and discovery off the coast of Africa.

We have reunited the sailors with the Maiden ship and in gratitude they have left us take a piece of the soul of the Mary Celeste. It is in the piece that I am offering you right here. It will give you the chance to recount the days of the Mary Celeste and what happened in the final days of the crew before they were taken to the realm of the Celestial visitors. It will allow you to see into the realm of these visitors and to obtain their powers and extremely advanced knowledge.

There is no telling what you can do with this piece, because there is no limits on it. You have free range in obtaining any power that you choose from the realm of the visitors of the Mary Celeste.

This piece holds direct communication to the Celestial beings. It is another of my favorite pieces. I love the beings I was able to communicate with,what they had to say and how in peace they are. I believe these to be aliens but not bad ones. They glow a near perfect light with halo's of a light blue. This piece is beautiful and I do mean beautiful. The one blue color on it is that of the aura's they have. Simply place this on a chain and lay back and rest. Let the celestial beings come towards you. They help you in any way possible and also allow for the usage of the power they possess.