The City of Atlantis:  Reality Distortion

The City of Atlantis: Reality Distortion

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The City of Atlantis: Reality Distortion

I sure hope you know how to swim. If you can't, you better get some swimming lessons, because the piece that I have here for you might just require it. Actually, I'm just kidding, but this piece does have a lot to do with the water. Atlantis ring a bell? Well, if you aren't aware, please... allow me to enlighten you.

Atlantis is the name of a lost civilization that supposedly existed in the Atlantic Ocean. I say “supposedly” because there is scant evidence, if any, of its existence. Even when there is evidence, it is hard to decipher between the real thing and a hoax. However, what I am offering you is a piece that is infused with a power that we have found that will give you all the evidence you will ever need that this civilization actually did exist, and still exists till this day.

The piece itself is one of our own, but we were able to channel the power into it. The power came from a séance that we held right over top of the city of Atlantis, while on an a cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean. The séance was wildly successful and we were able to bring back the spirit of an original member of the Atlantis Shield.

The Atlantis Shield is a group of ancient Atlantis military officials who were deployed at the top realm of the city. They have been given a special magic called reality distortion, so that way Atlantis' exact location stays undisclosed. The reason they want it this way is because their race is a breed of the most powerful people and their city is full of oceanic riches never before seen to man. I know, because I have used this piece to see it myself.

During the séance, we invoked the spirit of one of these guards. His spirit came to us and remained with us in the piece that you see here. Using this piece you can summon the spirit of the guard. To summon him, you must hold a proper summoning ritual and light at least three candles, not more than five. To activate his powers, you must use the chant: “I now call upon the spirit from the depths of the sea, to open my eyes and let me see.”

Once the spirit has been summoned he will enlighten your mind to ten times its normal capacity. Once your mind, has been elevated into a higher state of insight, where you will able to see the realm of Atlantis as it exists now. Your mind will become immune to the Atlantis beings' powers of reality distortion. You will also gain the ability to distort the realities of others. This is how Atlantis exists in peace, apart from exploitation.

You will gain the magic from the realm of Atlantis, which is a pure form of otherworldly magic that will give you the birth of new spells, enchantments, divinations, and spiritualism. This piece will take you to the realm of Atlantis in your state of oblivion and will give you all the secrets and wisdom that their existence has to offer. You will gain their great knowledge-- the knowledge of nature and of the universe. You will be given the correct answers to unanswered mysteries of the internal mind. You will be able to use this to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of existence.

The guard will be with you at all times. He will guide your path on your travels. He will protect you from physical and spiritual predators and evil beings. You cannot go wrong with this piece, which tells a tale as old as time.

This is a mans ring in sterling and it is gorgeous. This is about a size 11,okay Steve just told me it is a size 11. An update to this has been added since it was described. The ring will allow for all Atlantean magic and the use of the sacred crystals. We did not know that when this was first typed.