Red Egyptian Time Crystals

Red Egyptian Time Crystals

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Red Egyptian Time Crystals

This power comes from a lesser known pyramid in Egypt. The pyramid, which actually predates most of those found in Egypt and doesn't grad nearly as much attention as the mainstream pyramids, located in Giza, Egypt is of equal power and was built by the 3rd Dynasty, under the rule of the ancient pharaohs.

These powers come from a form of magic that are simply known as the Red Crystals. The Red Crystals were found by one of my correspondents in a secret chamber in one of the pyramids. The chamber was also discovered by my correspondent and has not been entered or discovered since then. In fact, once this power was excavated from the pyramid the chamber seemed to have disappeared from existence all together. Perhaps it was some kind of defense mechanism, or perhaps it was just fate that it was discovered at all. All I do know is that as a result of this investigation, I can offer you the following piece.

This power, once again, known as the Red Crystal, is exactly that. It is a reddish colored crystal, out of which power can be sourced and drawn. They are found in the walls of the pyramid, or at least were at one definite point in time. I only say definite, because I have these crystals and I have used them to put the power into the piece that you see here.

Upon investigation, I noticed that when exposed to water, the crystals become weightless. If you put the crystals in a vase and fill it with water, the vase will retain the same weight it did before it was filled with crystal or water. Bizarre, I know, but I have an explanation. The magic in these crystals is activated once it is combined with what water is-- two atoms Hydrogen and an atom of Oxygen.

This combination allows for the defiance of gravity, thus the weightlessness. In fact, this power allows you defy all logical conclusions, theories, and laws of science. I was able to use this power to tap into to spiritual time travel. Using the power in these crystals, I was able to travel to the past and future. When I was there I was able to obtain many secrets and magical abilities that I didn't have before.

When I concluded my research and testing, I transposed the power into the piece that you see here. With this piece, you, too, will gain the ability to travel through the rifts and dimensions of time. You will be able to travel back to the past to experience the times and obtain powers. You will be able to travel to the future to obtain its mysticism as well.

The magical punch that this piece packs will also give you good fortune and success to enjoy the present times. There has to be something to entice you to return to keep the balance of free will and destiny. Thus, you will be given power over success and influence and you will be able to to use this power to further enhance your current situation.

Again, the power has been transposed into the piece that you see here. When you decide to make this piece yours, it is the piece in the picture that you will receive. Just be careful with this piece, because we are all a product of our current place and time frame. Time travel might be a bit disorienting at first, but you will undoubtedly master it shortly.

This is a sterling silver bracelet that has real blue Topaz to hold the energy and LIVING power of the Red Time Crystals.