Bring Back the one you love
Bring Back the one you love

Bring Back the one you love

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Bring Back the one you love~

Many relationships go astray for reasons that you cannot prevent. The most common of these issues is the wandering eye --- the allure that others hold and your partner grasps on to.

You can be the most attractive person in the room, but if you do not hold self confidence and respect, you will blend into the shadows of the darkness.

An ultimate force of inner light was purified within the valley of Jollesita. In the Valley, in Italy, there is a small waterfall that shimmers with the brightest light you can imagine.

Many people have tried to reach this waterfall, but the quest seems to be never-ending. You feel as if you are getting closer and just that quick it seems to be even farther away. It is almost as if the radiant light forecasts illusions to the travelers.

Adita was determined to try and make it to the waterfall while she was visiting Jollesita. The tour guide of the valley said that "many have tried, but few have ever reached the actual water".

A deterrent makes Adita even more passionate about the task at hand; she knew that there was something special about this body of water.

Adita asked Deedee if she had any suggestions, or could help her with the journey she was hoping to make. Deedee was able to envision the waterfall and knew that there was a mirage that everyone could see, but it was not the actual waterfall. The fall was miles beyond --- and people gave up WAY too soon~!

She also sent Adita a portal charm that allowed her to maneuver through the lands, without having such a long journey.

Once she reached the waterfall, Adita was excited to see the magnificent glory of the sparkling water... behind the fall was a small cavern that she, of course, had to explore; Adita is amazingly inquisitive!

In the cavern was a shrine of jewels that were enriched with the flooding light that poured out into the waterfall.

Adita was able to bring back several of the pieces, inconspicuously in her pockets, knowing that she would have to pass by the tour guide and other tourists once she reached the main land.

The portal piece took her from the main stream places that people explored to the bottom of the actual waterfall... she would return and have to pretend as if she was wandering around alone.

When she got back to the 'main' part of the valley, she was quick to depart from the other tourists and got back to the city where she was finally able to really check out the jewels she had.

Had anyone noticed the pieces in her pocket, she would have been in a lot of danger; they do not deal with "stealing" lightly --- although she looked at it as a recovery; a find. They did not belong to a specific person, they belonged to nature!

Anyway, these exquisite items were tested and hold inner light powers that combine with your spirit to bring you complete confidence and amazing awareness to your own personal powers.

Most people have no idea what inner powers they were born with, in fact they cling to doubts and insecurities, which is what bring the demise of most relationships!

After being tested back at the office we were able to subside and learn that the inner light powers that run through these awesome stones bring forth clarity to those who are lost, alone and heartbroken.

These will work for anyone, looking to engage their own born, blessed abilities --- but really work in guiding love back to life from someone who has strayed due to unknown reasons. Do not settle and question what you did wrong, you just were unaware of who you really are; and the confidence and strength that you hold --- these are unbelievable pieces!

All the jewels were placed into settings to make them more easily wearable and accessible; by having the piece engaged with your bodily flows will ignite the bond that flourishes and allows full contentment of power from within your soul~!