Written Words of Wonder
Written Words of Wonder

Written Words of Wonder

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Written Words of Wonder

A noted German jesuit of the 18th century, known to his clerical confreres and his flock as Athanasius the Churchman, composed two folio volumes of semi-alchemistic writing that were published in Amsterdam in 1768.

In the course of these voluminous works, he alludes to an alchemist whose name he refrains from revealing, and who is usually hailed in consequence as, Anonymous Adept.

Athansius, we find, had long endeavored to discover the Philosopher's Stone, and having met with no success, chanced one day to encounter a venerable personage, who addressed him thus: " I see by these glasses and this furnace that you are engaged in search after something very great in chemistry, but, believe me , you will never attain your object by working as you are doing."

Pondering on these words, the shrewd Jesuit suspected that his interlocutor was truly learned in alchemy, wherefore he besought him to display his erudition, and thereupon our Anonymous Adept took a quill, and wrote down a receipt for the making of transmutatory powder.... along with exact details on how to use it.

"Let us proceed together," said the great unknown; nor were the hopes of Athanasias frustrated, for in a while a fragment of gold was duly made, and then the wise pedagogue disappeared immediately afterwards.

The Jesuit now fancied himself on the verge of a dazzling fortune, and he proceeded straightway to try and manufacture gold nuggets; but alas, tray as he might, his attempts all proved futile.

Much enraged, he went to inn where the Anonymous Adept was staying, but it need scarcely be said, perhaps, that the bird was flown.

** The pedagogue has been channeled and forecast into this piece. He will work with you to bring you great blessings, so long as you do not allow greed to separate your partnership. He will utilize your personal energies to endow his methods -- so it is indeed a shared relationship of wealth. His spirit will thrive with power and your life will become residual in blessings in many ways, notably so in the prospects of financial gain!