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The mind is an amazing powerhouse that regiments millions of ideas and thoughts daily in each of us. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you cannot remember things that seem so important, while other topics that really do not matter are directly remembered?

So you missed your friends wedding because the date slipped your mind, but you know all the words to Sir Mix Alot's "Baby Got Back"... does this seem right?

These are emblem items that will help you clear room in your brain and remove excess information. These are very powerful . They work by storing energy, amplifying it, focusing it, transmitting it, transforming it, balancing it and absorbing it.

It pulls out the vidual factors that really are not needed in your mind. This will not harm good memories, or make you lose important information. At times when things are collected receptors are in place depending on the situation you are in when you "learn" these new things.

If the receptor showcases importance, such as a class in school, family time, or evident material you wish to know -- then it is locked within compartments of your brain.

If there is little to no attention being paid, such as a television commercial that is on in the background, then your mind half wanders and you pick up excess junk --- this is what will be cleared out~!!

Once this is cleared you will feel more alert, have more energy, and be able to recall old memories and prosper new ones!!

Great piece for anyone, especially those who always seem to forget things that just happened~!!