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Mental Gazing Control -- Piece #1

These are Ultimate pieces of extraordinary power. They were empowered in a divine nature that trifles the forces in each item by performing a ritual while adorning the piece to gain the ability.

The principle is the same in all cases, the concentrated gaze and strong, earnest being the prime factors in producing the phenomenon. You, of course, realize that the concentrated will power can be developed by the practice of bonding and using this piece ~

Piece # 1 ----While wearing this piece you should walk down the street and fix your attention upon someone walking just ahead of you. A distance of at least six to ten feet should separate you, and a greater distance is no obstacle.

Fasten a firm,steady, earnest gaze upon your subject, focusing the gaze upon the back of the neck, just at the base of the brain. While gazing firmly at this point, the subject shall turn his head and look around in your direction.

This will pull their thoughts and directional omnipresence of magnetic fields to you. This item is amazing and will showcase the pull from your gaze and bring you the power that they hold --- great way to obtain energies from all facets of the world~

A little practice is required to perfect yourself in this exercise, but after you once acquire the "knack" of it, you will be surprised at the percentage of people whom you can affect in this way. Women seem to be more highly susceptible to this mental influence than are men.

We have tested and retested this piece. You can cause just about anything with these. We even tested it on turning someone on sexually and it worked very fast. Once they looked at you,you only needed to look them dead in the eyes and they felt it. A man can get a very fast erection and a woman will be ready for fun. That is only one of the things you can do with this very powerful paranormal piece. This is made of sterling silver and purple Jade. The size is about a 6 or 7.