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Mental Gazing Control -- Piece #3

These are Ultimate pieces of extraordinary power. They were empowered in a divine nature that trifles the forces in each item by performing a ritual while adorning the piece to gain the ability.

The principle is the same in all cases, the concentrated gaze and strong, earnest being the prime factors in producing the phenomenon. You, of course, realize that the concentrated will power can be developed by the practice of bonding and using this piece ~

Piece # 3.--- Select some person who may be seated on the opposite side of a restaurant from you, but several seats to the right or left of the point directly opposite you. You may look straight ahead, so as to appear as if you were not looking at the other party, but you will be conscious of their presence, and will see them out of the corner of your eye.

Direct a strong mental demand toward them; willing and expecting that they will look in your direction. If you manage it properly, you will find that in a few moments the party will suddenly glance in your direction.

Sometimes the glance will be directed in a seemingly unconscious manner, just as if the party had merely felt a passing fancy to look at you, while in other cases the glance will be shot at you, suddenly and sharply, as if the party had been conscious of a mental call.

The person obeying the call often will look embarrassed, and somewhat sheepish, when they meet your full magnetic gaze, which you will direct upon them when they turn their eyes in your direction.

This encountering unlocks the power of bi-location and astral projection that is within this piece. The item needs a gazing ritual to attract the energies from the item to you.... you will be able to exist simultaneously in two locations at once and separate or physical body from your astral body~

This is a about a size 8 mans ring with opal as the main stones. They are all double stones for bi-location. After testing this and how we did it we realize this can be an amazing ring for someone. You can be one place and program what you what by going forward in time and then living it in this dimension. It is pretty wild when you do it.