Mental Gazing Control -- Piece #4

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Mental Gazing Control -- Piece #4

These are Ultimate pieces of extraordinary power. They were empowered in a divine nature that trifles the forces in each item by performing a ritual while adorning the piece to gain the ability.

The principle is the same in all cases, the concentrated gaze and strong, earnest being the prime factors in producing the phenomenon. You, of course, realize that the concentrated will power can be developed by the practice of bonding and using this piece ~

Piece # 4 ---- Wear this piece when you are talking with a person.

The activation of power will occur if they seem to hesitate in their choice of a word; you will then glance sharply at them and give a strong mental suggestion of a word. In many cases they will immediately repeat the word, which you have suggested.

Your word must be appropriate, or otherwise their passive mind may hesitate about using it, and their active mind will step in and insert another word.

Some of the testers have tried using this piece on a public speaker, preacher, etc., and have related many amusing instances in their experience.

I remember reading a work, translated from a German writer, in which is mentioned the case of a youth whose powers of Concentration and Volation were most highly developed.

He was a student at a leading college, and being more interested in athletic sports than in study, ran a great risk of falling behind in his work. Having discovered his powers, accidentally, he contrived a plan in the furtherance of which he would commit to memory but a few answers in each lesson.

When the professor would start to quiz him he would send forth strong vibrations, willing the "professor" to select certain questions, the answer to which he had memorized, the result being that he stood up well in each class. The German writer, however, went on to say that his plan failed, the young man in his examination, as the final questions were being prepared by the faculty and submitted in writing, the student had no opportunity to try the "willing game" on the day of the examination.

You have to stay on top of using and practicing the feats of power that revel in your item. This item is enchanted with the empowerment of being able to fly and travel on the astral realm. Once you are able to bond by doing the gazing ritual of word insertion --- you will gain your ignition to to astrally travel and gain the power inside this piece to fly through the realms.

This eviction of astral power is rare to find solely, thus making it more intense and powerful~

This ring we have used over and over because we had a job where we needed it. It is slightly bent from being on investigation but does not effect the power of the piece. The stone I believe is a mystic topaz and this is in sterling silver. The size I believe is a 5.