Mental Gazing Control -- Piece #5

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Mental Gazing Control -- Piece #5

These are Ultimate pieces of extraordinary power. They were empowered in a divine nature that trifles the forces in each item by performing a ritual while adorning the piece to gain the ability.

The principle is the same in all cases, the concentrated gaze and strong, earnest being the prime factors in producing the phenomenon. You, of course, realize that the concentrated will power can be developed by the practice of bonding and using this piece ~

Piece # 5 ----- This piece should be adorned while walking behind a person on the street, by focusing the gaze as instructed. When the person approaches another person walking in the opposite direction, you may will the subject to turn either to the right or left, in passing the other person.

You may also try this experiment in the case of a person approaching you in the street. In this case you should walk straight ahead, turning neither to the right nor to the left, keeping your gaze fixed on the approaching party, and making a mental command that he turn to the right or left, as you will.

Once your subject has turned, either left or right, you will feel a tingling in your head --- this is when the piece triggers the power into your spirit.

This piece takes the gazing ritual and fortifies it to bring you the evoked powers of pathic kinesis and stealth~

This is a combination of powers that will make your life incredible in the occult world!

This is a mans sterling spin ring in a size 9 and a half or 10. This is very manly and would be great if you do work to remove evil or need to fight dark creatures or just about anything.