The Bent Pyramid and the Powers of an Egyptian Princess

The Bent Pyramid and the Powers of an Egyptian Princess

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The Bent Pyramid and the Powers of an Egyptian Princess

This is a piece from the most noteworthy, talked about, mystical place to have ever existed on planet Earth. No, I am not talking about the North Pole. In case you haven't been able to figure it out by my description, I am talking about the country, Egypt. More precisely I am talking about the great pyramids. The pyramids of Giza are probably the most renowned pyramids in the world, and understandably so; however, it is important that one doesn't get so rapped up in what one source has to offer that he or she completely jumps ship on what the rest of the world has to offer.

Located approximately 50 miles south of Cairo, in the small town called Dahshur is a pyramid known for it's peculiar shape and size. While it is build similarly as steep as the rest of the pyramids, it tapers off at the top which kind of gives a roundish effect, sort of like a pointy sand igloo. It is from this pyramid, “The Bent Pyramid of Dahshur,” as it is known, that I am bringing you these powers.

Originally, scientists had thought that this particular masterpiece held the unknown tomb of Pharaoh Snerferu of the 4th Dynasty. While this claim has yet to be substantiated, I have other news that you can feast your mystical ears on. My news in much more exciting, and barely known. I keep it that way, because I don't want people stampeding my establishment demanding information. However, I share all with my valued clients and you should all know that. This is why I am offering the piece that you see here.

Naturally, after the Bent Pyramid of Dahshur was open for business, around the close of the last decade, I had to have my nose in its business. I sent a few correspondents over to see what they could conjure up. They found themselves up to their elbows in magic and mystique. Their trip was a wild success and they returned to me with the following magical artifact.

While the piece is more contemporary that the actual magic, the magic that is in this piece is over four thousand years old. It is an original magic of the Egyptians. You see, while my correspondents were present in the Bent Pyramid, they were able to make a break, sneak away, and summon the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Princess, the secret daughter of the Pharaoh Snerferu. As it turns out the magic that she possesses is from the Sun God, Rah. The princess, whose name is Ojufemi, meaning beloved of the Gods, is a direct descendant of and holds the bloodline of Rah. Thus her magic is an original form of the craft known to Egyptians.

Ojufemi was all too eager to share her magic with us, which has lied dormant for the past 4500 years. Her spirit is merged into the piece that you see here, which is the original piece of the summoning held by my correspondents. With this piece you will receive the divination of the Egyptian princess. With this divination, you will receive an ancient form of dual Egyptian magic. You will be able to use this magic to its fullest extent, no holds barred. Just remember what goes around comes around... and that is Karma.

Additionally, you will be able to use this piece to see into the Pyramid of Ages. This is an ancient hall of records that will give the answers to many secrets of the past and present. It will also give you images of the future and what is to become of the human race. Make sure you are able to handle the truth, because I have used this piece and I can tell you that it really, really works. You will be given the answers to questions you couldn't even think to ask... that is how serious Ojufemi's magic is. If you can hang, you will receive the piece that you see here which, once again, holds the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Princess.

The princess's spirit is captured in this glass piece,she is not evil nor of all white light. Her culture is of dual magic so you do with it what you wish. You will often see her move through the casing but will always come back. This IS her tomb. The pyramid of the ages is amazing!!! The answers to many things are revealed to you and would shock. Myself in using this piece I saw that after Jesus was born he went to a meeting inside of this pyramid and when he did it rose up into the air and floated. That the pyramids can be moved with a flick of the finger. I learned that our pets are just like us,almost human. This is a very long story so I won't get into it it here. I can tell you that this is one amazing supernatural piece of jewelry. This is a stick pin and if used in a certain way you may absorb the entire power and spirit. I have seen this piece levitate!