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Ceremony of Luck~

Each year the people of Naples, Italy, gather on the anniversary of the martyrdom of their patron saint, San Gennaro, to watch a miracle: the liquefying of the saint's dried blood. The miracle occurs like clockwork on Sept. 19, and as many as 18 additional times a year.

The phenomenon miracle of liquefying the blood serves to protect the town from harm.

The dried blood holds intense eviction of divine power and projects the powers of protection and blessings upon the town.

Emir attended this ritual back in September and was chosen to hold the vile of dried blood that was to be liquefied. Emir knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and scraped some of the blood under the ring finger of his right hand when no was paying attention.

After the ceremony, and blessing, Emir went back to his hotel room and used a nail file to place the blood he collected inside a small locket. He mailed this to our home office and contacted Deedee to tell her about his encounter and amazing retrieval.

Deedee performed a julipial seance that purified the blood back to its original state, without using another liquid to help it along. This procedure rectified the extreme powers of San Gennaro the Saint.

We cast the blood as an elixir that was used to empower these pieces. They are blessed with ultimate powers of divinity. You will be able to contact Saint San Gennaro who will grant you access to the Heavenly gates... you will be able to call upon those you have lost and witness that they are okay.

The Saint blesses and protects; these pieces were ignited with blood that had lastly run through his heart before it left his physical body. This is why the retrieval and revival of his blood on these pieces brings ultimate caring processes of the divine~

This is one of my ultimate favorite pieces because it is a true piece of religious supernatural miracle! I have been a WITNESS!!!!! I will add this picture come tomorrow and you will get to see it. We actually added it to a knights templar piece and watched a Templar form in my presence! Powerful and unique an occult piece you don't want to miss!