Cotlans Channel to Wealth

Cotlans Channel to Wealth

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Cotlans Channel to Wealth~

My friend Dori was driving in a rather deserted part of Michigan when she started seeing lizard-like things about 2 to 3 feet high standing upright near the sides of the gravel road she was traveling.

They looked very "intelligent" not like lizards or wild beasts or anything. She thought they could have been an alien species, but these looked earthbound; she said they were like lizards with, brains and, a sense of purpose.

Also they seemed to follow her with their heads and eyes. In Michigan there is often a lot of snow and it is cold, and we know there are no lizards there; at least no big creatures like this.

Dori said that these lizard-like things were really ugly, so she started to drive faster...and then she swears that the road turned into a light brown packed earth drive, and the trees and such were all different, like nothing she'd ever seen anywhere.

There were funny colored plants with curly leaves that really didn't look like leaves, the whole scene was unreal and the worst...she said, were the "small, squat human-like people who were around the sides of this earth trail working and not paying much attention to me."

They were gathering big triangular fruits and hitting them with sticks. Crazy as this seems they looked like dwarfs or leprechauns or little people like fairies, she told me.

They were very hunched over and seemed more wider than tall like they grew from side to side instead of up. Some did look at her as she passed in her car and shook their heads as if to say she had made a mistake; she had cracked her window enough to get some air because she was freaking out --- and started to hyperventilate.

Dori said that she actually wet her pants because she was so scared...but she then drove out just like she drove in suddenly and then everything was normal again ~

Once she was back in a physical state that she recognized, and was "normal", she drove as fast as she could to the hotel she was staying at.

She went to close her window and it wouldn't go up all the way... it started to make a weird noise --- she looked up at the top of the window and near the top - back there was a chain jammed in the window which wasn't allowing the window to close.

She had to force the window down in order to get the necklace out --- it must have been thrown in her car by one of the small creatures.

Adorned to the chain was this piece ... the chain was damaged, so Dori got rid of it, but this piece she kept and brought into our office as soon as she was back in town.

The piece has been tested and it holds a portal to a dwarf realm. This piece was thrown into her car to allow her access out of the realm she accidentally got absorbed into.

The piece can be activated, through bonding, to take you into the realm!

Through testing, we were able to realize that these dwarfs are known as Cotlans. Cotlans hold riches beyond belief and unlike leprechauns will gladly share their wealth willingly,there is no need to train them, if you help them work.

This piece will allow you to astrally enter the Cotlans land and once there you can gain their trust and respect and you will be able to assist them in their prospects of working, which brings them immense wealth, --- you will then be enchanted in your physical life with wealth shining through financially and emotionally~

Dori was too freaked out by her experience to even want to try and use the piece again --- so her reservation is your gift of luck!

The piece is very beautiful and is actually a Drusy of a gorgeous purple and peacock color,it sparkles! This will be one of the most beautiful pieces of paranormal you will own! I LOVE it! We did test it on wealth,I did not but a few of the others have and the item worked for business, and one woman who was going to lose her husband due to over spending. Then Aaron tested it and he did extremely well! This pendant is in sterling silver and has a green peridot that hangs from it. We added the same bale that Lindy added to her piece. We also added the Peridot as an added charging stone.