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**Experience from a customer of ours, named Josh.

I was working as a custodian for a local school. I had only worked there for two weeks. At first, During the summer time we worked during the day. However, when school started we switched to three to eleven shift. There were only two of us that worked at night.

One night shortly after I started the night shift, my buddy that I worked with called in sick. So I was all alone. It was about 10 pm.when I had finished most of my work for the evening, and was finishing up mopping the last hallway. There is a stairway at the end of that hallway that leads upstairs to my friends wing that he cleaned every night.

I heard the front doors open and close. Which was very strange because no one has a key to that door. Not even the superintendent of the school! I walked down to the front doors and found noone there. I went back to mopping. I had almost finished when I felt like someone was watching me from behind. I turned around and there was a man standing at the bottom of the stairs leaning on a dust mop, staring at me!

I was startled to say the least. I asked him who he was, and what he was doing here? He replied in a very monotone voice,” I am here to clean upstairs”. I asked him if the head custodian knew he was here. He again replied in the same voice” Everyone knows I am here”. Well I didn’t think much of it. He turned and walked up the stairs and I heard doors opening and closing and mop buckets rolling up there. Seemed normal enough. I was about to leave for the evening and didn’t want to leave the guy in the dark so I went upstairs to tell him I was leaving and ask if he wanted the lights left on downsairs.

When I climbed the stairs, the lights were all off! He couldn’t have finished that quickly. I searched around and found no one. I even checked the very same mop to see if it had been used that night and it was bone dry! I shut down and left for the night very shaken.

When I returned the following evening, My friend was there and it took me a very long time to get the nerve to tell him what happened. When I finally did. He sat dumbfounded for a few minutes and said he wasn’t sure what to believe.

Apparently a woman had seen this very same man on the stairs a few years earlier. He also explained that there was nobody that came in to cover another persons shift. He did tell me there was a custodian that had shot himself in the basement of the school in 1971. He thought maybe it could be him? I had never heard the story of this man before and I had attended this school all my school years.

He did some digging and found some old yearbooks. He was careful to remove the names from the four men that worked there in that time period. So that way, he could see if I had really seen this guy or not. When he showed me the photos, I picked the man I saw and it was the man who had shot himself in the basement! He said that was the man that died in the basement he has been dead for years now! We were both shocked! From then on we had many experiences and actually have recordings or evp’s of questions we asked and awnsers we got. It became an everyday occurence. I have since left the school, But hear that the activity is still going on... just thought it would be a great place to investigate for you guys!!

** Josh was indeed correct, we were very intrigued by the stories and set up time to do a full investigation. The resilence of energy was incredible --- you could truly communicate with the spirit, without no need of even conjuring.

The man's name was Brett and he had stayed at the school honoring his job, as he realized after killing himself that it was a mistake. He could not make a get away to ascension, as he wanted others to be able to be taught from his error. We asked if we could pull him into a piece, thus allowing his spirit to help those in need and he agreed.

Brett is within this piece and will bring forth advice, confidence and good will to someone in need. If you feel down, and have thought of suicide, or know someone who has -- then you need to get this piece!!

Nothing is that bad that you should be in an unviable state of depression, or even question the thought of ending your life -- life is a gift and Brett wants you to realize that and gain charisma through his mistakes. Spirited energy is powerful, and you will find embraced acquisitions of pure glory with this item.

~Sterling silver link bracelet