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I used to live in a duplex with my family for nearly 3 years and that place was so haunted something happened nearly everyday!

I remember the first night we had moved there my mother said she heard footsteps... thinking it was my younger brother back from college, she went looking for him through out the whole place but saw no one.

I experienced the sounds of the footsteps one time while I was chatting with some friends online. at around midnight, and I heard the same footsteps my mom was talking about, but I really freaked out when I heard some drawers being opened and I never went back into that room again!

There were also sounds of banging on the walls, a female voice asking random questions, and my dog at the time being freaked out.

The scariest thing that freaked me happened when I was trying to work out with one of those big blue bouncy balls and out of the blue something kicked the ball across the living floor and when I saw the ball just rolling all by it self that’s when I knew for a fact that place was really haunted! And I told my parents we had to move!

A few months later while we were moving the owner to the taco shop across the street told my mother that a man was shot to death years ago and had died in the back room of our place!! My family was pissed that our landlord never told us about the tragedy. I gave him Deedee's phone # and told him that he better call before renting to someone else!

** We were called into the home by the homeowner once this last family moved out, as they were the fifth family to leave and break their lease! He wanted to make the actions stop. He honestly did not believe them, as he never had a personal encounter. He bought the home at an auction and hired a team to clean it up and then rented it out, so he really has spent very little time himself in the home.

Our experience proved to learn some amazing things. The biggest one being that the man was shot because of his astonishing abilities. His paranormal qualities were top notch and he was aware through psychic visions of a murder that the police were trying to solve. He decided to follow his visions to get evidence before calling the police, as they would not take his visions seriously. He followed his instincts and was led into the woods that was on the sourthern side of his town.About 3 miles into the woods he found what he was looking for, the shallow grave  that he kept seeing in his mind.

He dug enough to see a hand exposed and took off -- he knew that he could bring the cops back. This happened many years ago when cell phones were not around -- and when he got home he was just about to call the police when he had a knock on the door and when he answered he was ambushed and forced to the back of his home where he was bound, gagged and shot.

His imperial connection til this day is to try and connect with someone who has any majestic ability so he can pass on his knowledge.

Deedee was able to channel his strength, powers and abilities into this token piece. This is one of the strongest items we have encountered in a long time! You will acheieve mastery level skills even if you have minimal experience with magic~! AWESOME PIECE!!