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~ These experiences happened to my friend Valarie

I work in a very large hospital system as an IT Tech. I see people close to death all day long. I’m in all parts of a hospital to the operating rooms to the morgue to hospice to pediatrics.

Once while in an operating room with a co-worker, we were busy replacing a computer and completely engrossed in what we were doing. The operating rooms were all empty and it was just us. While working, we heard some strange noises across the room. Without hesitating, we looked up at each other and quickly dismissed it. A few moments later, the heart monitor suddenly had a pulse beating… Knowing the equipment well, we both immediately knew something wasn’t right. My co-worker went to investigate the heart monitor to find absolutely nothing wrong and no explination to why it had a pulse.

Another incident in an operating area; I had to come work late at night to replace a few computers. I had to go alone. At night, these operating rooms are extremely dark. I turned on enough lights to see where I was going and that’s about all. I headed to the first room I had to work in and sat down. Ten minutes later, I caught a shadow, not in the corner of my eye, but directly in my line of sight just over the computer tower. The shadow zipped up and through the ceiling and disappeared. A little later, I was in a different area in the operating area and caught that same looking shadow sneaking up behind me. I could sense something behind me causing me to turn around and check. It got about four feet in front of me and zipped up into the ceiling. I left shortly after that incident.

While working in the hospice areas, I had a hand touch my shoulder and then heard a whisper saying, “It’s time.” Spooked, I excused myself quickly out of the patient’s room. I came back 30 minutes later and the patient died 25 minutes after I left.

Morgues are the worst. If there are any bodies on the tables, I refuse to go in. I will absolutely not go anywhere near the dead….even when they are being transported out of the facility by the mortuaries. I litterly run the other direction. It’s all because I’ve heard yelling before that can only be heard and not see who’s yelling. And it’s obvious to me when I hear what’s being yelled to whom the yelling belongs to. I’ve heard yelling around a shooting victim who died … They were yelling who shot them…all while police are discussing and consoling the family who are all confused who did the crime. I looked around and didn’t see anyone yelling… I could hear it, but no one else could. Spooked, I ran out.

*** The elements of Valerie's experiences were showcasing that she had a gift, she was able to communicate and sense things about the dead. The problem was that she did not want this gift... to her it was scary, and she was uneasy about knowing things that she felt that she should not. When given the name of the shooter who shot the guy who just died, she did nothing with it -- as she thought people would think she was crazy, or somehow involved. I told Deedee about what was happening, and we actually took the information and solved the mystery for the grieving family an then extracted the gift from Valerie, as she did not want it~

This embedded presence exemplifies the awakening of your third eye and transpires a unity of inner senses which allow you to directly hear, see, sense and speak spirits that are around you. You will be programmed as a portal for them -- a true medium!

Many wish they had this gift and few are granted it. Valerie simply wanted nothing to do with it... but her glorified embrace has been projected into this item and will extend itself to the person who wears this piece~

If you have always wished you could experience psychic connections and channel the dead like mediums do -- now is your chance to impart the gift to yourself!!


**This is an antique piece that belonged to Valerie's grandfather -- she said she believes that is where her "gift" originated from, as he was a known psychic... it seemed like the perfect item to invoke with her abilities~