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First I want to say that we are very sorry for the delay in these. The delay was caused by people with various DNA and brain waves due to the DNA strands they hold. All that we did would not work on everyone. Which is why we know that not all these chakra fixes work on everyone. No one took into account that we are all very different and that some of us are seeded here! Because of this it took a while to get these done to where everyone could benefit from them.

This is the 12th Chakra fix. We all need them fixed and tuned no matter who you are or what you are. Once this balance is obtained you are on your way to great things.

The 12th chakra is about 4 inches inside the Aura and it connects the heart,third eye and the throat to the Etheric realm. Why this is important is because by having these regulated,connected and operating properly you have a flow between thought and energy in that realm. This means that you then get your abilities to see into the other side and to gain energy that allows you to move objects with the mind and create with the soul.

This is only one step in the entire chakra process but it gets you going.

Some of the Chakra balances are done by the wafers and some need to be done by incense. We will always let you know what it is. This one is done by a special formulated wafer.