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Baby's Toy

A recent discovery from a Jamestown well brought about this baby toy. It is a combination whistle and teething stick!

The teething stick portion was designed in the 17th century because it was considered to be good for babies gums and the substance from which this was made generates a magical substance that kept evil away.

Having protection from infancy on up allows for a less stressful life -- but if you did not have these luxuries as a child then you may have already faced some major turmoil.

What this piece will do for you is invert a new "birthing" that will relinquish any held negativity and allow you to start fresh and be protected from dark and evil entities and magic.

As if you were just born, this will grant a blessing that will bring forth a second lease on life for you -- so if you feel your life is in shambles, and you just cannot get rid of your "bad luck", or know someone in a bad situation -- then this is the piece to have to be able to start fresh and prosper with enlightend protection that will purify your soul.