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**Samantha’s Story~

Back in 2005, when I was 14,  my family moved in with my great-grandparents to take care of them until they passed. Within a year of moving in with them, they had both passed and my parents bought the small house from my grandfather so that we could keep it in the family.

Not long after that, a few strange things started happening. Seeing as how they had both died, we put it off as them checking in on us. Then in 2008, my 18-year-old cousin was killed in a car accident. And the activity picked up slightly after that. My cousin was a prankster in life so we assumed that the things that fell and things that got moved were his playing jokes.

In 2010, my fiancée moved in with my family and I. He had a rough past that he was trying to put behind him and he was doing a good job at it… until he moved into our house.

Within a few months, he spiraled into a depression and no matter what we did, we could not get him to come out of it. He started barricading himself in our room and made as little contact as possible with us. And he became angry and short tempered… his sudden attitude change almost ended our relationship.

The activity continued but didn’t accelerate until one night in February on 2011. Everyone was in bed and a box in my parents room containing some things that they were planning on getting rid of, flew off my mothers dresser without knocking over her soda bottle that was sitting directly in front of it! My mom was sleeping so my dad went to pick up the mess and as he did, my mom sat up in bed and started screaming at the top of her lungs. Concerned, my dad rushed over and gently starts shaking her to try to get her to come to (she was still technically sleeping) and when she did she asked my dad “where’d you go?” My dad started to explain what had happened when all of a sudden, his arm started burning intensely. When he looked he had a scratch on his arm that hadn’t been there before.
At this point I invited some of my friends over, as we had done some ghost hunting in the past, to help me perform a small investigation of the house. We knew it was not family now. Why would they become violent? We got a few answers via EVP sessions and some really good pictures and decided that if we ignored it, it would go away… we were wrong.

About a month later, right before St. Patrick’s Day we held another investigation and everyone in the house was involved, including my fiancee. Afterwards we were getting ready to review the evidence and my fiancée started acting strange. He then bent over and put his hands on his knees like he was out of breath. My father and I tried to help him up, but no matter how hard we pulled, we could not get him to stand up straight. Then he just went limp in our arms. We set him down on the chair in the living room and I tried to get him to cone to. As I was looking at him, his eyes went totally black, he growled a deep, animalistic growl, and jumped at me like he was going to attack me. My dad pushed me out of the way and tackled him back into the chair. All at once he snapped out of it. When we told him what he had done, all he would do was apologize.

So then on St. Patrick’s Day, we were having a party since we are Irish. My dad was acting strange but we just assumed it was the alcohol. He got increasingly stranger and then started speaking in fluent German. When we translated what he was saying (one of my friends that was there speaks German thanks to studying abroad in Germany) we found that he was saying things like “I am God” and “I am greater than God” along with some very racial slurs towards my fiancée who is African-American. He became violent and started trying to attack people. He starting this evil, maniacal laugh that sent chills straight through you.

The guys (being my fiancée and the guy that speaks German) had us girl’s leave while they dealt with it. To this day I am not sure exactly what they did but my dad eventually passed out and did not remember a thing the next day. When we told him what happened, he cried and got angry that he did not have control in his own house.

The very next day, I dialed the local Catholic Church and a priest was sent out as soon as possible. When he got there he listened to us and heard for himself some of the things that were going on. (While he was sitting on our couch, there was thumping in the basement that shook the floor) He then blessed the house and all of us. However you could still feel the evil in the house.

About six months later, we found a new house and moved ASAP. While we were packing, we had things thrown at us and we were hit and scratched bit we took solace in the fact that we were leaving~!!

As soon as we arrived to the new house, I again called the Catholic Church and had the house blessed. Now here is the kicker, when my father and I were cleaning out the basement, he found an authentic German Nazi flag that we assume my great-grandfather brought home from WWII, along with this ring… a Nazi flag in our house where my father was taken over and spoke German. Is it a coincidence?

** We learned it was not coincidence at all... and indeed it was NOT the family members!

The fury of crazy activities and connections from the elements of having their bodies taken over was due to the strides of Exquotal Magic that had been highly practiced by many back before WWII. There are many who lived merely because they were able to export themselves at the times of being attacked.

This piece was found alongside the flag and the ring forecasts enormous strengths and powers associated with control and reverance. You will be equipped with the powers, as we have ensued a protection spell upon the piece now so you cannot be controlled, but rather can utilize that elements to become a master controlling force!!

The aspects of what you feel and think can be programmed into others to allow you to have control over them. So for example, one tester was infatuated with a woman who did not even know he existed -- she was set to get married, and he used this piece to have her fiancee "change his mind" at the altar. The woman was heartbroken and found solace in the arms of Ryan, our tester, after she met him right after the wedding had crumbled.

He is now engaged to be married to her!!

Make things happen the way you want them too --- with this ultimate controlling piece!~