Etruscan Magic ~ RR

Etruscan Magic ~ RR

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A long time ago witchcraft was a religion and it was called La religione della stregoneria. When this was practiced it was not watered down and they used vases to hold the power of those ancients that passed on before them. These were vases called Camp Santi. Now these ancient vases were thousands of years old and never buried on sacred ground because the priests would not let them be buried there. Before the witch or wizard died they would pass all magic and secrets to the family so the priests could not come and dig them up and gain the power. These vases were usually or almost always placed in their basements or back yards.

Usually there was one witch who was born with a marking on her face, a sort of blister that naturally fell off in time. This marked her a seer. That marking was called a caul. She could go into the vases and pull up a magical ring. The ring symbolized eternity in magic and power for that witch only. But she had to locate it within the basements and homes. The people of the time would let her go through them once they knew how she was born with the caul. The ring was made of twisted and pliable branches and would automatically fit her finger. She had to wear this for one year and then bury it in her own back yard. This is how we get the term "look in your own back yard" it was meant to keep the stealing priests away who would not let them be buried in sacred ground to begin with. The next day the witch would dig the ring back up and it would be not what she placed there, but a new ring with a guardian in it for her along with all the magicals of all the dead.

This is a ring of Etruscan magic and it will communicate with deities, give illumination by thought, and this ring also opens you up to what is known as the Goblin Market. This market allows you to become wealthy by means of magical stones and free flow of energy wealth. Also able to come and go as you call them are Ouphes, Ell maids, men of peace, white ladies, moss people, norns and stromkarls. This is a very powerful piece!

Not only can you do most any magic but you have these creatures at your disposal. It is a dual magic ring.

This is sterling silver an antique and has a real gemstone carved in it, and is highly ornate.

One of a kind.

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