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During the witch-hunts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, inquisitors' handbooks such as the Malleus Maleficarum (1486) prescribed holy candles as among those consecrated objects "for preserving oneself from the injury of witches." Farmers used holy candles to protect their livestock from danger and bewitchment.

According to the prevailing lore during the witch-hunts, witches were said to light candles at their sabbats as offerings of fealty to the Devil, who was often portrayed as wearing a lighted candle between his horns. The witches lit their candles from the Devil's candle; sometimes he lit the candles and handed them to his followers. Witches also put lighted candles in their brooms, which they rode through the air to their sabbats.

It was believed that witches made perverse use of holy candles in putting curses on individuals. According to an English work, Dives and Pauper (1536), "it hath oft been known that witches, with saying of the Paternoster and dropping of the holy candle in a man's steps that they hated, hath done his feet rotten of."

As we have discovered through our years of occult exploration, witchcraft is not always a form of evil... but rather a trapeze of divine powers flooding the minds of those who were unable to showcase the majestic without seeming to be of darkness.

The holy candles were used as protection by normal humans, but they were actually ports of call for the witches to visit; the witches looked upon the glow as a signal of despair.

The powers they held were shunned and that is when they started to use their glory in mystical ways.

We have found an original piece from Ursula DeSont, a witch who never used her powers to do harm to others even though they turned their back on her. She knew her abilities were divine sent and used her strengths to send out white light power.

This piece holds the chariot of light power that can be used to source remarkable feats of amazement that will bless and enrich your life using the rituals of witchcraft to formulate power upon you and those around you!

This is incredible --- history proclaims change in powers, but this piece is pure and original to the blessing endowed upon it~

This piece is all original,sterling and called a chatalain. These were usually used to carry a sewing kit,or things that went with one. Sometimes they held mourning pictures. This one is very,very rare. This is a witches chatalain and it holds dual magic in case she needed it. Each piece does something different.

The angel in the center remains there,in full,in all aspects. You may call upon any angel and at anytime and they will come. Do humans have control over angels? NO! But in whatever magic this is you now do. One at a time of course. In heaven we shall judge them so we are above them but now with this piece they are here when you want or need them.

The top holds the Lions. These are for protection and wealth,royalty and high magic. Below is the horse of destiny,a rider from the heavens that gives visions of time.

You also have a whistle,this calls upon the spirit who's name you say before blowing into it. It does work and the whistle is magical unto itself. Next is a small knife that you will use to give blood offering if it is needed. This will make the blood magical and bring about sacred alchemy.

You also have one coin for wealth which will always be with you. You will need for nothing.

Next is the bell of existence where you may call into life anything you wish. This is why this is a dual piece.

You also have a wax seal which is for casting anything. It does not matter what it is,it just needs to be written down and then a little wax on it and sealed. This could be love,revenge,helping someone,it really doesn't matter.

You also have a familiar claw,your cat Saspread wallace. He will come as you need and want him and he is pure protection,super large and does what you ask of him.

Next is the one with a stone at the bottom. This is the house of 9 books. This holds all ancient magic and the ability to communicate with all those past. This for Ursula was her favorite because she was of white light and this gave her a astral stairway to heaven.

On the back is a man that looks like a God. He is the connection to the Original witch from the heavens,long before the witch of Endor. She passes on her beauty and anything else you ask for.

The price on this will never go down because it is worth way more then I'm asking and it is one of a kind piece you will never see again.