Newton's Lost Files:  A Brand New You  (All Your Hidden Powers)
Newton's Lost Files:  A Brand New You  (All Your Hidden Powers)
Newton's Lost Files:  A Brand New You  (All Your Hidden Powers)

Newton's Lost Files: A Brand New You (All Your Hidden Powers)

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When you think Isaac Newton, the first thing that pops into your head is probably an apple falling from a tree.  This led him to "discover" gravity, as if it really needed discovering.  However, one thing led to another and the rest was history.  As you know, what goes up must come down, right?  It's all logical common sense.  
What you probably didn't know is that Sir Isaac Newton actually spent more of his time trying to define the non-sensical than he did actually trying to define thing that already made sense.  For instance, he knew there were secrets in the way the stars and planets moved.  In a day when astronomy and astrology were pretty much one in the same, Newton consulted the skies often for answers that he just couldn't get from the mortal realm.  
He was also a very practised and accomplished alchemist, with quite an extensive collection of items and potions that he sold to the nobility from the confines of an underground apothecary.  These included items and potions that would give them what they desire most-- wealth, invisibility, immortality, true love, royalty/fame, and the ability to control the powers of God.  
Newton was not able to do all of this on his own.  Rather, he consulted the advice of an oracle, who he only ever mentions in his private chronicles.  These books have been "lost" to the ages and by lost I mean confiscated by the wealth as to not have them fall into the hands of those who they are trying to control.  The Oracle that Newton consulted was one that he resurrected using a quintessential spiritual alchemy that he developed by reading its secrets in the stars.  At the time he didn't quite know what he was doing-- but all good philosophers take a chance.  It wasn't long before Oracle-- a resurrected Irish Druid-- began giving Sir Isaac everything that he asked for.  
Now, you may be asking yourself, "So, you guys went on an investigation and you have items that were made by Isaac Newton?"  No, we don't have anything quite that old, but what we have is just as powerful.  We have a copy of the Isaac Newton's Private Chronicles.  Don't ask us how we got it, because I really cannot tell you.  It was extremely difficult to acquire, though.  Once we had it, we learned the secret of being able to conjure the same Celtic Oracle that was conjured by Isaac Newton.  When we did, we asked him to help us make a series of items that we knew would help our customers.  The entity was all to willing to help.  I mean, he's a druid... it's magic... that's what they do.  
Following is a collection of items that we have used Sir Isaac Newton's private chronicles to create.  They are a powerful mix of astrological magic and druidic magic from the entity that Sir Isaac used himself when he was alive.  We have several of these pieces and multiples of each one.  They are all sterling silver with a different colored stone in the center.  The color of the stone is what dictates what kind of magic has been placed into them.  They have been priced to sell, so make sure you don't pass one (or more!) of these up.  They are extremely powerful and will work wonders in your life.  
This is a very powerful piece, because it opens you up and allows you to know yourself!!  It is a white light healing item that has been made using the energies of the alignment of the planets.  The planets are nothing more than the chakras of the universe.  This piece was made with the powers of heavenly bodies and the way they interact with one another. You have seven of these same types of "chakras" in your body.  When they are perfectly aligned, they will each radiate a different power that you have encoded into your DNA.  Most people have heard of the 7 main chakras that are in your body.  In actuality there are 114 total chakras.  With the power that has been given to this piece by the druid oracle, your charkas-- all 114 of them-- will be fully aligned.  What does this mean for you?  You will unleash the powers that are in your body that been screaming to get out.  
When using one of these pieces, you must work with the piece to read yourself and look within your newly unlocked DNA, to figure out what 114 powers you have had hidden in your DNA for so long.  These powers may be something as subtle as being able to move something with your mind or as grandiose as being able to change your appearance at will.  It just depends on the 114 strands of locked DNA that have been hiding in your body.  One thing is for sure-- this piece will open up your full psychic ability with you being able and ready to pull all 114 of those hidden powers out!!  It does this via a supersonic vibration that has been placed into this ring by the oracle.  You will never hear or notice it.  Not even your dog will.  It's an amazing resonance that will make you a more in-tune person!!  
There are two of these items.  They are sterling silver with a light blue stone.