Triple Power of the Pelesit
Triple Power of the Pelesit

Triple Power of the Pelesit

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This is a very interesting little piece, because it encompasses so much in one small package.  This sterling silver ring with a red stone was hand made by an oriental magician that we have regular correspondence with.  Typically she makes jewelry and other little knick knacks that she sells mostly at flea markets.  Her art work is beautiful.  However, this is not the only art that she makes.  She also makes spiritually charged items as well.  These are the kind of things that we work with her on, because she often offers very interesting insights on what kind of spirits people might want or need.  Oriental magic is very powerful and usually has some kind of twist to it, so she helps us to better understand.  
Either way, this piece was hand-crafter by her and holds a the presence of something called a Pelesit.  A Pelesit, when not controlled and operated by you, can be an annoying little creature.  Their whole purpose in life is to cast dismay and revenge upon people.  If it isn't owned by anybody the Pelesit remains neutral, but in this case you own the Pelesit so you can set it upon anybody you want.  
The Pelesit is considered a dark spirit that is revered by the Malay cultural shaman.  They have long been known for its ability to create havoc.  In fact, in ancient times, the Pelesit was known to transform into crickets that the shaman would keep in bottles.  Every full moon the Pelesit was given an offering of blood, to keep them behaved.  If the Pelesit wasn't kept happy, it would terrorize the village in which the Shaman lived, until it is caught and placed back in the jar.  
On the bright side, those who have been able to tame a Pelesit have experienced high reward.  For instance a Pelesit is a spiritual entity, so it will give you spiritual guidance for the future.  You can tell your Pelesit what you want out of life and it will lead you down the road to whatever you would consider successful.  For instance, if you want to be a famous singer, ask you pelesit.  If you want to be a talented artist, ask your pelesit.  If you want to travel or see the world, ask your pelesit for wealth.  The road to success can only be defined by you and you pelesit can make it happen!  
He is also very protective over his owner.  This despite the fact that he is technically a dark spirit, he will let nothing dark or negative near you.  You will chase them away and trust me-- these entities will know better than to pick a fight with the pelesit.  They are the honey badgers of the spirit world.  
Last, you can send your pelesit forth to cash in on the fact that this spirit hand delivers karma.  Those who have done bad to you will now be faced with irrevocable revenge.  This can be anyone ranging from an ex who has done you wrong, a boss who bullies you, a friend who talks about you behind your back.  It doesn't matter.  You can sleep assured that the Pelesit will get them.   
This piece is sterling silver with an authentic stone.