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These two pieces are identical to one another and for a good reason.  They have both been made with principles that were set in place in the 18th century by one E.G. Robertson.  He was a Belgian optician who developed a machine that would cast rather convincing figures before a crowd of people.   His machine, which he called the phantasmagoria, cast eerily believable pictures of ghosts and demons onto stages across Europe.  In fact, his productions were so believable that following the French Revolution, his proceedings were halted by police after some thought that Robertson held the ability to bring King Louis XVI back from the dead.
So, which was it?  Was Robertson a very talented visualist or was he really bringing people back from the dead.  After receiving these pieces, I can tell you that there is a little bit of truth in both. He began as an illusionist with a very unique ability of making phantasms appear ghastly and real.  However, as his performances became more and more in high demand, people wanted more and more realistic appearances.  This led Robertson to travel the Egypt to consult a necromancer who gave him a very ancient and very sacred power to raise the dead in full spirit form.  He never admitted this to the public, though.  People raved at his shows, so he wanted to discover his secret.  Besides, he probably would've been arrested and tried for witchcraft or something.  
The fact is that these rings hold copies of Robertson's original magic-- the magic that he brought back with him from Egypt that was given to him by the Necromancer.  Appropriately, I'm sure you can understand what these rings will do for you.  I don't know how the powers got into these pieces, as I know they are not the original.  Robertson bequeathed his powers to unknown people, so I'm assuming somewhere along the line the items became junky or they chose to duplicate the powers into extra pieces.  I don't really know.  
What I do know is that these two pieces will summon any soul that you ask of them.  I literally mean any soul.  You could call upon St. Michael himself and he would show up.  They will show up in full spiritual forms, just as they had for Robertson.  The ring will cast their appearance to you like a movie being projected from a reel.  You will be able to interact with your spirits as if they were normal people.  You can summon spirits for knowledge or magic or just because you want to see what they are like.  I had a lot of fun testing this one, simply due to the fact that these items work so efficiently.  In addition to souls, these items can also project the existence of entities such as vampires, fairies, werewolves, leprechauns, elves, etc.  There are no limits on what you can conjure.  It also holds a protection spell, just in case.  We have had no negative experiences in testing either piece, but rather safe than sorry.  
Remember there is only one picture, because these pieces look identical.  They are both sterling with multicolored stones.  Enjoy!!