The Lions of Judah
The Lions of Judah

The Lions of Judah

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The description on this item would have been much, much longer; but unfortunately I had to stop about halfway through to take somebody to work.  Not realizing that my computer had somehow gotten unplugged, my computer died while I was gone.  It taught me a lesson.  To make sure I'm always saving my work.  Even still, I want to make sure that I am offering this piece as part of today's line up, so I'm going to paraphrase exactly what happened.  

Deedee and I were on an investigation in Vermont.  During this investigation we had to rid the house of demon that was there because somebody who lived in the house prior invited it in with a spirit board that we found in the basement.  Long story short, it took us longer than a day until we finally had it done, which is why we were leaving at dusk the following evening.  It just so happened that leaving around dusk worked in our favor, because as we were traveling, I caught a reflection off of something high up in a mountain.  It made the mountain seem like there was blood flowing down it.  It sent a chill up my spine, so I told Deedee that we had to stop and see what was going on.  
We drove up this dirt road until we came to a clearing where there stood a temple that was made out of entirely white rock.  It wasn't crystal, but the rock glinted in the sun, which is why I saw it.  Well, I also saw it because the piece was trying to make a psychic connection with us, as if to say, "Here I am."  The psychic energy that we felt at this place was astounding, despite the modest size of the temple itself.  
Inside the temple were a very humble three rooms.  One looked like a place for whomever was staying there to sleep.   One room was an altar with carved statues of Jesus and another was a room with an ivory chest.  Because curiosity got the better of us, we opened up the chest and the ring is what we found inside.  We tested the piece for a good while before we got a lead on what was actually happening.  This occurred when we were both given a vision at the same time to travel back to the white temple, which we then learned never stays in one spot.  It travels around and there is a reason why that I am going to get to very shortly.  Upon re-entering the temple, we discovered that there was a very special group of individuals that used this temple as a place to communicate with other members of their group.  They are called the Lions of Judah and it is in this Temple that they go the worship and to renew the essence of the power that they have been given.  The ring that we took was one of several artifacts that they have like this, so they gave us permission to keep it.    
The ring was the original possession of a modern day secret society called the Lions of Judah.  The Lions of Judah are the descendants of Christ.  They hold his bloodline in modern times.  The Temple travels from place to place, because these descendants live far and near.  The Lion Ring that we took from the ivory chest was one of their very prized possessions, because the eyes of the lion hold a very divine power.  From the eyes comes a holographic reality that is an exact replica of Heaven.  The thing about the hologram is that is interacts with whomever is wearing it and allows this person to experience Heaven as if they were actually there.  You can travel to any part of Heaven you choose-- the Ark of Covenant, the White Light Pyramids, the Mansions of God, the realm of angels.  Wherever you want to go, all you have to do is project these thought forms onto the ring and that is what it will show you.  Conversely, you can let the ring do it's thing and it will allow you to explore rather than to seek. 
The best part about this ring is that it will also allow you behold the entities that exist in Heaven.  This means all the forefathers of Christ, who also held his blood line.  This means the saints that have been ordained.  This means the angels that holds all kinds of different powers.  You can meet these people and they will bestow their powers upon you.  You can bring these power back to the mortal realms where they will be amplified, because they come directly from Heave.  
If there is a power or an ability that really want or need, you can also project this thought form upon the ring.  The ring will then take you to the part of Heaven the corresponds to the power or ability that you want.  You will then be able to gain this power or ability and bring it back to the mortal realm, where it will become ten times more powerful, if not more!!  
This description is not as long as the original that I lost, but just know that this item is EXCESSIVELY POWERFUL!!  It will literally project the entirety of Heaven into your own reality, that way you can walk through it and live it and learn from it and gain powers form it.  This is an amazing item that you do not want to miss out on!!