The Blood That Moses Spilled
The Blood That Moses Spilled

The Blood That Moses Spilled

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In the Book of Exodus is when Moses gave the people of Israel the Ten Commandments.  The Ten Commandments were to be the Law of the People for the times to comes.  However, people get so worked up and excited about skipping to the "good part," that most of the time nobody stops to really recognize what Moses does to the people before the Commandments are given to him.  
Moses received a vision of God that told him to go up on the Mountain to receive the tablets from Him.  He was instructed that he was to take Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, along with seventy of the elders of Israel.  However, when it came to going up the mountain, it was Moses alone who was to make the ascent.  
Before these things all came to pass, Moses awoke early the morning after his visions and built an altar at the foot of the mountain.  He set up twelve pillars, representing the twelve tribes of Israel and creating a gateway that would allow him to hold communion with God.  
He sent youn Israelite men to sacrifice animals to God and collect the blood of these animals.  Half the blood was splashed at the makeshift altar Moses had built.  The other half he sprinkled on the people saying, "This is the blood of the covenant that the Lord has made with you in accordance to all of these words."  This was to foreshadow not one thing, but two things.  The first is obvious-- the fact that all people will need to be covered by the blood of Jesus for salvation.  
The second thing is what we are getting into.  The second thing is this-- he said that the blood was symbolic of the covenant that the Lord has made with the people in accordance to all of His words.  This means that Moses-- and moreover, God-- was giving his people the ability to receive an awakening.  It was an awakening that would be used for years to come when studying the Bible-- the holy texts of God.  
You see, the Bible has been written in such a way that there are secrets that are hidden between the words of the text.  These secret reveals things-- the 72 names of God, how to locate and enter the Garden of Eden, how to hold Communion with God and look upon His face, how to control your own destiny and fate.  Basically, the Bible has been written as the Holy Book that will allow you to accomplish anything that you choose to accomplish.  There are no exceptions.  If it can be done then the means by which it can be done are written in the Bible.  They are not out in plain sight for everyone to see, but if you study the book long enough, you will pick up on the patterns of hidden text and the way that the words were written.  The react with one another in certtain ways to produce certain desire effects, magic, etc.  
Then, there is the easy way.  THis ring has been hidden in the Vatican for centuries.  Well, the ring itself has not, but the stone that is set into the ring has been.  This stone ties this story together, because it was made when a few of the drops of blood that Moses was offering hit the ground.  It coagulated and years and years later, this stone was discovered, and polished into this stone.  Even later, it was set into the sterling silver band it is in now.  
This piece is amazing, because it's like a wish-granter only extremely powerful.  It's even more powerful than most of the djinn that we offer on the website.  It is the fulfillment of the promise, "Ask and it shall be given unto you."  This ring holds the very blood that Moses used on the sacrifical altar.  With this blood, you gain a connection to God unlike any other.  First, you gain the ability to scan the Bible and instantly see all of the hidden passages of magic and power.  This is the place where God's most prized white light powers are Hidden.  It's why the Bible is called the Living Word.  There are thousands upon thousands of different types of magic that you can discover when using this piece.  All you have to do is pick up a Bible-- any style-- and begin searching through to pick out the magic that you want.  I've already listed some of them earlier.  
The second thing that this does for you is it gives you that connection go God.  With this connection it is possible to make requests of God that will be answered and wishes the will be granted.  The only way this will not work out for you is if you are asking for something that is not white light.  Obviously, this piece only does white light.  It is of God.