Asylum of Souls
Asylum of Souls

Asylum of Souls

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This piece tells the story of the once state-of-the-art asylum called Forest Haven.  Forest Haven was a happy and hopeful place for the "feeble minded" as they were called in those days.  More or less, it opened up in 1925 as a place for both chilren and adults with developmentally and mentally handicaps could learn skills to help them survive in the real world.  It was the goal of Forest Haven to not have any of these individuals institutionalized for a long time.  
This all changed when Dr Death showed up and rearranged the entire faculty.  Nobody really seems to know what year this transformation took place and there were futile attempts to find and incriminate the so-called "Dr. Death," but his existence simply led authorities on long chases to dead ends of fake identities.  There is no telling who this Dr. Death is in the first place.  Of course this wasn't alays his name.  Again, nobody really seems to know what his real name is, so we will simply refer to him as Doctor Death.   
Doctor Death was given his nickname due to the number of people who died under his "care."  Abuse and neglect ran rampant in the hospital after he took over.  It's not that he officially ever ran the hospital, but he threatened those who did to listen to what he told them.  If they didn't, there were surely dire consequences to follow.  This is how he wrapped his hands around the place to gain total control over all that worked there.  Believe me when I tell you that not all of the deaths that happened at Forest Haven's 12 building complex were a mistake.  In fact, most of them were on purpose.  
Dr Death was never really in the mental health business to be in the mental health business.  Instead, he was more of a lunatic himself, who just happened to know how to practice a deep rooted souls magic.  It was almost like a soul alchemy, where every soul that the doctor would gain was created into a power for him.  Thus, he was never at Forest Haven to make a difference, he was there to collect the souls of its patience; and trust me, people took the Doctor very, very seriously.  If they didn't, it was quite possible that their soul was the nevt one being stolen.  The Asylum shut down in 1991, but Doctor Satan moved onto his new place of collecting souls for the benefit of his own magical benefit.  
This piece is one that he must have left behind, because it has belonged to him.  No longer does he hold power over the piece, because we have the piece now.  We discovered it during a exploration.  I call it an exploration, because we only ever go on investigation expecting to find something.  This was just something that we found while exploring a creepy place that we wanted to visit.  It's funny how that works out.  Some may call it destiny.  I don't know.  Either way, the piece is ours now and we are offering it on the website.  
This creepy clown pin holds the souls of hundreds of Dr Death's victims.  Each soul represents a power that can be summoned from the piece for use in your own life.  The only catch is that you must wear the pin while you are summoning the power.  It gives the soul that you call forth the lifeforce in order to allow the power to reach your body and be used through your body.  Once this is accmplished the power is there to stay with you forever.  You do not have to summon the same power twice.  Some of these souls do wealth, some will help you find true love, others will help you in shape-shifting, others give you all the knowledge of becoming a sanguine vampire.  Some of these souls allow you to time travel or astral travel.  You really just have to explore the souls to see what is available.  There are hundeds of souls, AKA hundreds of powers, that have been trapped into this item.   
The second way this piece works is that it allows you to collect your own souls, so if for some reason the power you want was not trapped into this piece, you can still benefit from this piece.  If you look at this piece you will notice the eyes.  The eyes are the part that collect the souls, sucking them in like a vaccuum.  There are millions of souls all around us in the atmosphere they are bound to have the powers you want.  All you have to do is pull them into your piece, which you can do simply by wear the piece.   
Either way, when it's all said and done whether this piece has the power that you want, or it has the ability to gain the powers that you want, this piece is a very serious item and it is very powerful.  Don't miss your chance to get it today!