Six Sacred Elders
Six Sacred Elders
Six Sacred Elders

Six Sacred Elders

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This piece comes from a place that was once only written about in novels.  It is a place that is so hidden by nature that it took humans until 1999 to "discover" it.  Of course, the place was already discovered by people centuries ago, but mainstream knowledge of the place was not prominent until around the turn of the millennium.  It was then that this story-book like land was made light of to the world, causing some to wonder if this was the Hidden Shangri-La that was written about in 1933.  
This land was not the hidden Shangri-La, of course, but in its own right the place is a paradise of its own.  It is situated on the Tsangpo River and is called Pemako.  It has been and is still one the most sacred lands of Tibet.  It is highly sacred.  Pemako boasts a 100 foot high waterfall, a subtropical garden that is situated between 23,000 and 26,000 foot mountains.  It sits at the bottom of a 4,000 foot high cliff.  I mean, the place is pretty much a gorge inside a gorge and is, in fact the deepest gorge to exist in the world, above water.  
This little haven has been known to the Tibetans as a magical place since pretty much the beginning of time.  Monks would travel here to collect the waters of the Tsangpo River, which was believed to have magical healing properties.  The River may or may not provide these properties, this is not what I am here to offer.  Instead what I am here to offer is an artifact that we found while on investigation in Pemako.  
Naturally, Pemako is full of secrets just waiting to be revealed.  We visited the place a few years ago.  We didn't really tell anybody we were going there, because well... we didn't.  Sometimes our investigations remains in secret until we decide to disclose them.  We will simply say, "We are away on investigation."  This is due to the nature of the magic that we are working on at the the time.  We don't need to have any interruptions, so to speak.  
This piece is one that we found in a naturally occurring monastery located in the "gorge within a gorge."  It was like nature knew how sacred this space would be and provided a stone monastery for monks to live in.  Of course, its proportions are not perfect like a man made one would be, but that's the beauty of it.  It's all natural.  It is a series of different sized caves that are inside of the base of the mountain.  They are hidden from plain site and we were only guided there due to our psychic intuition.  
We entered the sanctuary, which is apparently still secretly in use to this day.  The monks that practice here are very enlightened, they must be or this piece that we are offering wouldn't even be possible.  We didn't have any exchanges with these monks, but freshly burned incense and other provisions told us that this place hasn't been left abandoned.  It is still cared for and my guess is that it is connected to other places in the world via that secret network of caves and underground passages that connect the Sphinx and the Pyramids and all the other crazy magical stuff on Earth.  
Either way, the piece that we have is a hand carved representation of a group of deities that go by the name of the Six Sacred Elders.  They are the guardians of Pemako, who keep it beautiful.  They are the ones who provide the magic to keep this place alive and spiritually charged.  They are ancient immortals that have been given to mortal monks who live in the facility.  They provide these monks with all the magic they need to go about their daily lives.
This piece is hand-carved by one of the monks who lives in the secret monastery.  Into this piece has been summoned the presence of the Six Sacred Elders.  Collectively, these elders bring you the ability of divine healing and regeneration.  This means that when you use the powers in this piece, you receive a healing-- mental and physical.  It will realign your chakras to open your third eye and give you the psychic awakening that humans used to be born with before the great fall.  Your third eye will be open and you will be able to communicate with all spirits.  Your DNA sequence will be rearranged from your current state into that of one of the Six Sacred Elders.  This will give you the ability to syphon white light energy from the universe in order to create your own powers and abilities.  I told you, this is a very powerful piece.  Of course, it's all white light, as the six sacred elders are also all white light. 
This piece is very powerful.  If pure white is what you're into, then this is a must have whether you are a beginner or you are well versed-- this piece provides a TON of magical power.